against dive, dive

contre plongée, plongée

the diving and the diving


Today we are going to see another technical achievement with the dive and counter dive.

Let’s be clear, when I write scuba diving / against dive do not hear especially not that it is one and the same technique. Diving is a technique of realization, and against dive is another.

These two techniques can be used separately or together.

The diving is what ?

Imagine yourself at the edge of a diving board 10 meters high, you lower the head to look at the water. What you see is a dive and do not see any word game with the example of the swimming pool and the diving board, (I would have been able to take a different example ;o)

The camera axis is directed to the bottom. If you place a character, filmed by a camera that is located above him, the character will be crushed, it will appear smaller.

This technique is not simple, it puts necessarily the character you’re shooting in a dive, at a disadvantage compared to the other characters or even the place.

If you place a character in a hole, in a cell or in an enclosed area, this technique will be felt to the spectator the uneasiness or l’anxiety of your character.

The more you axerez the camera towards the ground, the more the crash will be hard.

But be careful of the dive (light) will also allow you to discover a scenery, a city, or the place where the action takes place in your movie. In this way you will give a feeling of domination by the viewer to better the walk later ;o)

The total diving

If you focus the camera towards the ground, that is to say, the lens looks directly at the soil, it is a total immersion which is also called a “shower” because the camera is positioned like a shower head.

There, the feeling of smallness or d’crush is at its worst. The shower is little used because it is too extreme. However, used well, it gives plans that are out of the ordinary.

But the diving, whether it is slight, strong or complete, may also have a symbolic meaning strong, or to begin a movie, or to finish it.

Imagine an end of the film or your character is in the middle of a desert filmed in wide shot, and diving. Your hero is seuthe at the centre of this immensity, alone, and yet at the center of everything. This gives a sense of punishment or offailure.

But it can also invite them to a suite if you use this plan as a climax ;o)

If your character has tried to find work throughout your movie, and it was successful, the film in the middle of his factory in diving and in the wide shot could finish your movie. This plan gives a feeling of success, it is again at the centre of his life and of the world.

The against diving what is it ?

The against diving it is just theopposite of the dive. That is to say that the camera is directed upwards.

If you want to shoot a character against diving, the camera should be lower than him. We take the axis of the gaze, and it puts the camera below.

This technique has the effect ofenlarging the character, one can even say what magnifies it. But as the dive, the against dive can be used for other purposes. If you are very low in relation to your character and you direct the camera towards him, the against diving distort the perspective and thus your character.

Ditto for the scenery. If you are shooting a city (the buildings, skyscraper, building, etc..) with a too strong against a dive, the perspective will be distorted.

Then you just have to shoot your hero, freshly arrived in the city for your against dive transcribe them the discomfort of your character, surpassed by that which surrounds it !

If you want to accentuate this feeling of unease, you simply alternate the against dive of the buildings with a slight dive on your hero for the effect to be even stronger.

You can also accentuate the effect of deformation or crushing depending on the choice of the focal length. Take a short focal length that is to say wide or a wide angle, the distortion will be strong. On the other hand, if you use a focal length that matches the subject, (for the photographers a 85 mm for example) you will have a sense of being overwhelmed.

The achievement is also tell the story with images.

Those who think ” whouuu and he found it all alone ?! lol (don’t speak too quickly ;o)

Let me explain a little better. Let’s imagine that you want to make it clear to your audience that a character has the power over the other. While the movie has just started and we still don’t know well. “Of course you can pass it in the manner in which each of them is expressed or in their behavior but if you want to play it more fine, you just need to shoot their dialogues with a field on the character Was quite normal (I want to say that the camera is in the axis of the actor) then in the counter field on the character B it will only do slight against diving. Unconsciously the viewer will know who has the upper hand on the other.

I found you a video that will explain to you the diving and the diving. Even if it is a bit simplistic (in the explanation and in the example) then you understand the basics.


After it does not remain you more that to test the diving and counter-diving and find a sense (an idea) to make the best possible use for your projects.

That’s it for this article on diving and the diving. I hope that I do not have too tangled the brushes ;o). If something is not clear don’t hesitate to leave a message at the bottom of the article ;o)

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Tom Weil

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