Alone in the world study of the hero’s journey

seul au monde étude du voyage du héros

Case study

or how to understand the construction of the hero’s journey

Hello to all. The article on the trigger you much inspired. You have been aware of for some that it was not so simple to define the trigger event, the exhibition or the catalysts of the item. Often you make a mistake with either a catalyst, or with the passage of the threshold…and this is normal, since some sites that speak of scenarios are wrong too ;o)

But this is not serious, the error is human, I’m also sometimes a load of crap…Finally for this article I’m going to ” try ” not to do lol. As it is necessary to take examples that almost everyone has seen them, I’m going to talk to you about the journey of the hero through a film :

  • Cast Away (only one in the world)

Even if the initiatory journey can seem to be complicated because at the bottom there is almost a character. But once you have finished this article , you will find this trip to be obvious, I can assure you ;o)

The story :

Chuck Noland works for Fedex. He travels around the world to improve service, performance and productivity of the company. He is married to Kelly and is very happy. Whilst preparing for the Christmas festivities, he receives a phone call (or a sms I do not know) who tells him that he will not be able to spend Christmas with the family because he has to leave Malaysia and come back 4 days later. Despite a certain reluctance, Chuck flies in a small plane that will never happen because the aircraft, made in orange, is crashera above the pacific ocean. Kept alive on a life raft, Chuck is going to fail on a deserted island where he will remain and will attempt to survive for several years…

As you can see in this pitch (short synopsis), several elements are present. For those who join us now, I would like to recall that the hero’s journey, the initiatory journey has 12 stages, each of these steps represents an important moment in the story, the narration but also in the change in the hero.

It all starts with :

  • the ordinary world : We see Chuck live, work etc…He is happy in the work, in contact with a lot of the world. He has a busy social life and a love life just as fully.
  • The call to adventure : this is the trigger ! This is the scene where Chuck receives an sms or a call which asks her to leave Malaysia. The life of Chuck is knocked about as he had planned to spend the holidays with family. His wife, Kelly, moaning etc…
  • The refusal of adventure : He tries by all means don’t go there, but it is forced, he has no choice and must take the plane
  • The crossing of the threshold : everyone will understand that this is the time where the aircraft crashed into the sea. We may well say that the lightning, the wind, the storm are the guardians of the threshold. It is a character or a force that frightens but which is not insurmountable to the hero. Here it crosses the storm and crashed.
  • The new world : When Chuck washes up on the island, it is clearly projected in the new world. Where there are new rules, hazards, where Chuck is going to have to adapt to survive.
  • Tests, allies and enemies : In Cast away, it is all the learning of the Chuck, the hunting, the fishing, make a fire etc…
  • Approach the cave : This is a dangerous place. This is the moment where the hero descends to save the princess from the evil sorcerer. Here it is a little different. This is the moment where Chuck climbs on the highest point of the island and decides to hang himself…and then surrenders…a little forced by the spell ;o)
  • The great test, The decision of the sword : Clearly, the moment where Chuck, after several unsuccessful attempts to pass the immense waves that prevent from using the part of the toilet in plastic in lieu of a veil and manages to take the sea.
  • The way back begins at the moment when the ship rescues Chuck. Shortly after the passage of the threshold of the return is symbolized when Chuck gets off the plane and back to civilization.
  • Resurrection : The moment that Chuck sees that his life, his wife are no longer for him. But Chuck decides to go back to see Kelly.
  • The return with the elixir/ master of two worlds : Thanks to what he learned on the island and on to him during these 4 years, Chuck became the master of the two worlds (the island and its old world). He decides to take the road and really live his life.

Then I see see already tell me but there are only 11 steps ! But I did not find step with a mentor…Like what a movie does not necessarily include all the steps absolutely !

This is one case study for the movie ” alone in the world “: cast away . I hope that through this example you will be able to see more clearly and to redefine the exhibition and the trigger of the movies that you have given me as an example.

I will tell you next week. Leave me a comment under this article to tell me what you think or if you have any questions.

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