Original title : Cast Away

Production : Robert Zemeckis

Screenplay : William Broyles Jr.

Main actors : Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : January 17, 2001

Duration : 2h23min

Distributor : United International Pictures (UIP)

Synopsis : Chuck Noland, a part of Fedex, criss-crossed the world to improve the performance of the business and the productivity of its teams. He finds peace with his girlfriend Kelly. But on the eve of Christmas, he receives a call telling him he has to control the delivery of a parcel that is urgent for Malaysia. He did that for four days and will return to celebrate the New Year with his girlfriend.

Chuck left Los Angeles aboard a small plane. But above the Pacific Ocean, a storm breaks out and takes by surprise the crew. The crash is inevitable. Clinging to a life raft, Chuck washes up on a deserted island. The days go by and no rescue in sight.

For four years, the castaway will attempt to adapt to this wild environment by overcoming the terrible trial of loneliness.

The opinion of the editor :

An account of the moral not so naive, desperate. Staged with consummate skill, played with perfection by tom Hanks… A masterpiece.


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