And if it occurred

Et si on se rencontrait

Hi all,

The readers most aficionados of the blog may know already, but I am passionate about the web series.

Being very active in this field I have done many projects that are linked to it. Among them you know may be ” create a web series “, the little brother of learn the cinema, this blog is currently a bit dead but I will come back to publish as early as June.

However, this is not what I want to talk to you but another project linked to the world of the web series.

This project is the JAC web-series, the first festival of ile-de-France dedicated to the discipline, and even one of the only ones in France.

If ever you are you also you like the web series such as the visitor of the future, Noob and/or you want to see new talent do not hesitate to come.

This will also be the opportunity to network.

Finally, I’ll be there and I will of course greatly happy to exchange with you my dear readers ;).

Thibault the technical editor of the website will be also there !

You can find out more by clicking on the event facebook.

Tell me in the comments if you will be attending or not ;).


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