AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, thriller aesthetic – Critical

For their first film, AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, the brothers Raphael & David Vital-Durand reveal their aesthetic universe in a thriller that mixes deftly fantasy and reality. What is not so common.

From the first scenes AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, one is immediately transported into the dreamlike world of the brothers Raphael Vital-Durand and David Vital-Durand, who realize their first feature film. All participates in the mystery, the unusual, the beauty, and contributes to the visual experience and sensory, in which they invite us, such as the double to a David Lynch especially, to the unconscious and the emotions of the viewer. The voice, recognizable among all, Julien Boisselier/Lancelot, the luminous beauty of Caterina Murino/Irina, his wife, the wonderful colours of the landscapes, the slow motion, which underline the words or even the plans for filming very close to the faces.

The encounter and the union of these two beings, so different are very improbable, but we understand that Lancelot is the rock of Irina, the base reassuring them that they need. On one side, a man inhibited, like almost dead inside before you meet with this woman from the sun that assumes perfectly his body and his sexuality. On one side, a man naive, capable without ever asking questions, accept everything by this love of which it is the surprising object. On the other, a woman who the model like a puppet, decides to give him another name, to hide from him the truth, fool. On one side, a weak man who is undergoing the influence of a strong woman. On one side the symbol of the death and the other, that of life.

Julien Boisselier (Mr. and Mrs. Adelman) finally finds a role to the extent of his talent protean in , AND MY HEART TRANSPARENT. The quirky side, to side of the plate and sometimes unnerving that emerges of the roles of composition, in which it is often found, is used here very appropriate and enhances the character of slack in the knee of his character. It is a little angry to see him getting lead by the nose. But what is very interesting in the film, it is the sudden death of Irina and the mystery that surrounds him that are oddly out Lancelot from his lethargy of love, almost toxic. His death will gradually transform it and make it become the other.

“AND MY HEART TRANSPARENT manages to create a special atmosphere and to maintain a suspense thriller with an ending to the height of our expectations.”

Because this disappearance plunges to first Lancelot, already subject to hallucinations, in a second state, reinforced by a pill recommended by a doctor. Then he discovers little by little that the truth handed down by Irina is incomplete or false. To update the secrets of a loved one after his death and discovered that one was living with a stranger are subjects of frequent novels, such as Veronica Ovaldé, which is suitable AND MY HEART TRANSPARENT. The author was inspired by verses of Paul Verlaine for the title, which refers precisely to what is Irina to Lancelot: “an unknown woman, and that I love and that loves me”.

With a desire to understand the ins and outs of this death, Lancelot follows the breadcrumb trail of the life of Irina. Imbued with a new strength, he showed more boldness in their relationships. As with the police inspectors, in which it persists in sabotaging the investigation to carry out before any of his own. Or when he puts in place strategies to get information from the real estate agent Marie/Sara Giraudeau (Small Farmer) or Paco/Serge Riaboukine (I am dead but I have friends).

The directors are very good to be the paradox of Lancelot to want to discover the truth while fearing. And it remains suspended to the twists of the plot, because like Lancelot, we want to unravel the mystery of this woman. It is not only at its sides, it is also in his head. Mingle judiciously with visions and memories, which are the subject of many flashbacks. Some viewers may find the pace AND MY HEART TRANSPARENT too slow, and its music, anxious desire, but the film manages to create a special atmosphere and to maintain a suspense thriller, with an ending to the height of our expectations, and this proves to be a success.


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AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, thriller aesthetic – Critical
Original title : And my heart transparent

Realisation : Raphaël Vital-Durand, David, Vital-Durand

Scenario : Raphael Vital-Durand, David, Vital-Durand, Stephane Miquel, after the work of Véronique Ovaldé

Main actors : Julien Boisselier, Caterina Murino, Serge Riaboukine

Release Date : may 16, 2018

Duration : 1h26 min
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