Are Cobb Theaters closing?

Are Cobb Theaters closing?

Cobb Theatres was an American cinema chain based in Birmingham, Alabama….Cobb Theatres.

Trade name Cobb Theatres
Founded December 14, 2000
Defunct December 11, 2017
Fate Acquired by CMX Cinemas
Successor CMX Cinemas

Who owns cinebistro?

Cinemex Holdings
Cinemex Holdings, the eighth-largest movie theater chain in the United States, is the parent company of CMX Cinemas, which owns the Cinébistro brand.

Is the Cobb Theater in Wesley Chapel open?

The theater closed in 2020 after Cobb filed for bankruptcy. Calling itself the “movie theater of the future,” new owner Mishorim Gold Properties and developer Mark Gold have invested millions of dollars into the renovation of what was once a Cobb Theater and Cinebistro.

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