Are Coleman Xtreme coolers any good?

Are Coleman Xtreme coolers any good?

Not only will it keep your food cold for a very long time, but it’s also all but indestructible. For under $50, you get a quality cooler that will keep your food cold for a weekend camping trip. Sure, it probably won’t last a lifetime – but the Coleman Xtreme certainly isn’t cheaply made.

Is a Yeti cooler better than a Coleman?

The Yeti has superior ice retention when compared to the Coleman Xtreme. It can keep ice longer meaning you can go off grid for longer periods of time without having to worry about filling up with ice. The ice retention in the Yeti is also more reliable no matter what the conditions are.

Does Coleman make good coolers?

Best value: Coleman 24-can Party Stacker Portable Cooler It’s hard to go wrong with this traditional cooler at this price and when you look at the temperature graph.

What’s so great about Yeti coolers?

YETI Coolers are rugged and outperform at every opportunity, but durability is just one of the benefits. With up to two inches or more of insulation in the walls and lids of most sizes, combined with a freezer-quality sealing gasket and one-piece construction, YETI provides industry-leading ice retention.

Can you sit on Coleman cooler?

Yes, you could stand or sit on this cooler and, that may be all it is good for.

Is the Yeti haul worth it?

Price: Very expensive You can find a comparably-sized rolling cooler for much cheaper, but for it’s durability and insulation, the Tundra Haul is worth every penny. Plus, it comes with a five-year warranty.

How many Quarts is a Coleman Xtreme cooler?

When the fun is done, the leak-resistant channel drain of the Coleman 100-quart Xtreme cooler lets you empty any excess water without tilting the cooler, so you’re ready for your next fun adventure in no time. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5 Day Heavy-Duty Cooler With Wheels, Blue:

How many cans fit in a 100 quart wheeled cooler?

Carry up to 160 cans with ease–and store ice for up to five days even when it’s 90 degrees outside–in the Xtreme 5 100-Quart Wheeled Cooler by Coleman. With two large wheels, two-way handles and a comfortable tow handle for one-hand operation, this cooler is easy to roll even on rough terrain.

What colors do Coleman coolers come in?

Depending on which size and model you go with, you will be able to choose between the traditional Coleman blue and white color scheme, and brown and white option, or the attractive and eye-popping gray and orange accent color option. Coleman Xtreme Marine Coolers In tandem with the Coleman Xtreme Coolers are the Coleman Xtreme Marine Coolers.

What is Coleman Xtreme technology?

The lineup of Coleman Xtreme Coolers takes the tried and tested Coleman Cooler and bumps it up a notch thanks to its Xtreme technology. This includes upgrades such as an insulated lid, extra insulation in the walls, and tweaks to the looks.

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