Are crates saddles any good?

Are crates saddles any good?

For over 80 years, Crates Saddles have been making some of the best and most comfortable saddles available.

How do I look up a saddle serial number?

Depending on the age of your saddle, your serial number will either be on a sewn in tag, or stamped on the under-flap of your saddle. Flaps: Length goes from 1 to 5, 1 being the shortest. The letter following the length number describes the angle of the flap; C being more forward while L is standard (more straight).

Where are crates saddles made?

Fabtron is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Crates branded saddlery worldwide. We will maintain our two current separate companies and locations in Maryville and Chattanooga as in the past thirty-five plus years. Manufacturing, shipping and administration functions will be centered in Maryville, Tennessee.

Where are Simco saddles made?

Today – Greenville, TX is still Billy Cook Saddlery’s and Simco/Longhorn’s production location. Since 1919, Tex Tan remains in Yoakum, TX. Abetta saddles and specific leather and synthetic strap goods are manufactured at Action West in McKinney.

What is a trail saddle?

Trail or Pleasure Saddles Trail, or Pleasure, saddles are generally much more lightweight and will customarily come with a padded seat for your riding comfort. The fenders on pleasure saddles are positioned to keep you in a proper riding position, which is important for long rides.

What is an Equifit tree?

Horse-Friendly Saddles Flexible trees conform to horses’ backs, to allow the horse unrestricted freedom of movement. Models are typically built with a rigid swell and cantle of wood, to clear the horse’s spine. The Equi-Fit is a wood tree, handwrapped with reinforced fiberglass.

What is drop D rigging?

D ring rigging This is common rigging in arena roping saddles and working cowboy saddles built in Texas and area. The rings are a D shape with the flat section upwards. This is done on both the front and back Ds, so the front D pulls down just on the front of the saddle and the back just on the back.

How much does a Crates saddle weigh?

Weighs in at a moderate 29 pounds….

Tree: Crates Exclusive Equi-Fit Reiner, Quarterhorse Bars Wide Gullet, 7”, Available in 15 ½”, 16”, 17”
Weight: About 29 pounds

Why did Billy Cook saddle maker go to jail?

In a separate courtroom, minutes later, Cook, 77, and his shop foreman were sentenced to pay $6,000 each in fines for misdemeanor convictions of employing illegal aliens and conspiracy to employ illegal aliens. Cook and Rutilio Osornio, a naturalized U.S. citizen, also were placed on two years’ probation.

What is a Simco saddle?

Features a hand made premium quality leather saddle made in the USA at an affordable price. The Simco Dakota Trail is made with top quality skirting leather with deep Oak Leaf tooling on a genuine Ralide Quarter Horse tree.

Crates Saddles. Crates saddles and accessories are hand made, one at a time, in their shops in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and distributed worldwide through selected quality retail saddle shops and equestrian stores.

Where are Western saddles made?

Located in Chattanooga, TN, they made it their mission to produce a limited number of high quality, up-scale western saddles. Crates saddles are still hand-made, one at a time, in a forty thousand square foot plant in Chattanooga, TN.

Where is crates Leather Company located?

After the company was sold in 1980, Daniel and Robert, along with key employees of the former company, established Crates Leather Company in 1981. Located in Chattanooga, TN, they made it their mission to produce a limited number of high quality, up-scale western saddles.

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