Are Detroit Diesels good boat engines?

Are Detroit Diesels good boat engines?

Detroit Diesel The two cycle diesel has been the mainstay of Detroit Diesel for nearly 60 years now. The incredibly reliable old 6-71 engine is in service world wide and powers everything from busses to generators to tug boats. Its service record is unparalleled.

Why are Detroit Diesels bad?

Diesel engines, in general, emit high levels of particulates and nitrous oxides. Diesel engines also release carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Therefore, if an idling diesel engine can’t fully combust fuel because it’s not under load, the wasted non-combusted fuel unnecessarily adds to marine pollution.

How much HP does a 8V92 have?

Features and specifications

Family Model Power
6V92 6V92TA 335 hp (250 kW) @ 2100 rpm
6V92TTA 307 hp (229 kW) @ 1900 rpm
8V92 8V92 360 hp (270 kW) @ 2100 rpm
8V92T 430 hp (320 kW) @ 2100 rpm

How long does a Detroit Diesel 4-71 engine last?

Detroit Diesel 4-71 Usefull Information  The Detroit 471 engine will last you for many hours with proper maintenance and care. Diesel Pro can help. We have the right supplies to keep these engines running, year after year. Our parts are made out of high quality materials, and guaranteed to last.

What are the specifications of a Detroit Diesel Allison Engine?

For complete engine specifications for your particular requirements, see your distributor or authorized Detroit Diesel Allison representative. fRating conditions of SAE: 77°F (25°C) and 29.31 in Hg (99 kPa) Barometer (Dry) BASIC ENGINE PERFORMANCE MODEL 4-71 WITH N65 INJECTORSt BASIC ENGINE PERFORMANCE MODEL 6-71 WITH N65 INJECTORSt

Are there any problems with Detroit Diesel?

Whatever one might have to complain about Detroit Diesel, at least whether it be GM or the Penske group, they’ve managed to keep their customers happy. Their response to problems has been excellent over the years. Fortunately, ideas about light weight, hot rod diesels are dying a natural death.

How much does a Detroit Diesel 4-71 engine weigh?

Detroit Diesel 4-71 Dimensions and weight Dimensions approx 4-71N length 1067 mm, 42 in width 737 mm, 29 in height 1067 mm, 42 in 4-71T length 1128 mm, 44 in width 790 mm, 31 in height 1120 mm, 44 in Weight approx 4-71N 807 kg, 1780 lb 4-71N 830 kg, 1830 lb Click for Detroit Diesel 4-71 engine manuals and specs.

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