Are factory 5 kits street legal?

Are factory 5 kits street legal?

Factory Five products are expressly sold for custom car-building, racing and off-road use and are not intended to be used in conventional passenger or other legal highway applications.

How much does it cost to build a factory five?

The price of the kit is not as important as the price of the completed vehicle. Our original target was that a guy should be able to build the GTM for less than $50,000. Most customers spend between $35,000 and $50,000 to complete the car including Chevrolet parts, wheels/tires, paint and transaxle.

Do Factory Five kits come with engines?

A complete kit comes with everything you need to build the car except for the complete running engine, transmission, rear end with brakes, wheels and tires, battery, fuel pump, and paint.

Do Factory Five cars come with instructions?

For instance, the FFR kits include basic instructions that you can follow to build your kit car “by the book”. Or, if your skills are wide enough and your pockets deep enough, you can build it as you’d like no matter how complex.

Can you build your own car in Canada?

The main reason was to help Canadians who build their own cars as a hobby. Since1995, Transport Canada allows them to import a shipment of parts that does not fall under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. They can then get the rest of the materials needed to complete the car, from Canadian sources.

Does factory five have sales?

FFR usually runs that sale a couple of times each year. remember that when you buy your kit that everything on that original order is what will be on your sales receipt.

What is the price of a Cobra kit car?

$33,000 – Factory Five Shelby Cobra Replica The Shelby Cobra is one of the most frequently replicated kit cars. The kit needed to build a Factory Five Cobra replica can go for $12,990.

How much time does it take to build a kit car?

It’s nearly impossible to build a kit car overnight. Building a kit car takes time, some kit cars require 3 months to 2 years to complete.

Are body kits legal in Canada?

Yes. That is why a full kit fits the definition of a passenger class vehicle and must be designed and engineered to meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Q. Many companies that make kit cars or reproduction cars in Canada sell them outside of Canada.

Where can I find parts for my factory five build?

For over 30 years, Forte’s Parts Connection has been a great place to find the clutch, bellhousing, Tremec transmission, Ford or Chevy performance parts, and more for your Factory Five build. Last Chance Auto Restore is a Factory Five Preferred Builder located in Canada.

Who is the official carrier of factory five racing?

Stewart Transport is the official carrier of Factory Five Racing. Mike at has been providing custom parts and accessories to Factory Five guys for years. Located in Canton, MA, Mike specializes in polished aluminum trim and offers specialized tools, supplies, and will even help you build your car.

Where to buy a factory five GTM?

Shane at VRaptor SpeedWorks located in Anita, Iowa specializes in building the highest quality Factory Five GTM turn-key cars built to your specifications. VRaptor Speedworks has built more “made-to-order” GTMs than anyone. Also offers custom parts for your GTM. Richard Oben is the man behind North Racecars in Gladstone, Missouri.

What engines does Factory Five use?

Factory Five Racing uses BluePrint Engines exclusively in their demo cars. Jeff Miller, a.k.a. “Batman”, is a fixture in the Factory Five community and has probably painted more Factory Fives than any one else. His workmanship is top shelf and his crew delivers consistent quality.

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