Are globe cruiser skateboards good?

Are globe cruiser skateboards good?

Globe has long made high-quality longboards and cruisers, and the Blazer is one of its most well-liked and sought-after skateboards. The Globe Blazer is one of those great little cruisers perfect for campus and short commutes while doing flip tricks and ollies along the way. The Blazer rides very smooth.

What are mini cruisers good for?

Mini cruisers are a sub-group, and exactly what they sound like: cruisers, but smaller for even more convenience. They’re usually made of extra-light materials and they appeal to riders who want tighter turning and caving potential.

What size is a mini cruiser skateboard?

27 inches long
Mini cruisers are 27 inches long and 8 inches wide, while micro cruisers are 25 inches long and 7 inches wide. Short of placing them side by side, it is hard to adequately describe how different these boards feel underfoot. Those couple inches either way make a big difference.

Who owns globe skateboards?

Peter Hill (born 1964 in Melbourne, Australia) is a former champion Australian skateboarder and the co-founder of Globe International, a multinational, youth culture, branded footwear, apparel and skate/surf business with his brother Stephen Hill.

Are globe G1 good?

If you’re after something with a bit more expression than a blank Goodstock, though, the G1 is a great option. Expect to pay around $20 more for the G1, which, like the Goodstock, is a perfect board for any beginner or younger skater starting out.

Can an adult use a mini skateboard?

You can take it anywhere for commuting and skateboarding, perfect for children, beginners, and adults. It is great for cruising or rolling on any terrain.

Is a mini cruiser good for beginners?

Mini cruisers are ok for complete beginners. They do have a steeper learning curve though. Because they’re very reactive to a rider’s input, they often feel too twitchy for some beginners. Not ideal for people trying to get their balance on a skateboard.

Are mini cruisers good?

Mini cruisers are good for commuting over short distances and shorter rides. They’re great if you have to get anywhere less than 3miles/10minutes away. You’d rather use a proper commuter longboard if you have to get anywhere further away. Mini cruisers have small wheels about 60mm in size.

What is a good size cruiser skateboard for beginners?

1 Choosing the Right Deck Length. Boards in the length range of 28”-46” will be a good choice for a cruising deck. You could go smaller, but if you’re just getting started, it’s safer to stay in this range till you’re comfortable.

Do globe shoes run big?

So shoes runs 1/2 a size smaller. So definitely order 1/2 a size up.

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