Are gooseneck mics good?

Are gooseneck mics good?

A Gooseneck Microphone is perfect for a person who needs amplification when speaking but still wanting to remain hands-free. Also, they are perfect for Hands-free dictation, Gaming, PC recording software, voice recognition and internet chat; Gooseneck Microphones are a useful instrument in many different settings.

Which Audio Technica mic is best?

The Best Audio Technica Microphones to Add to Your Mic Locker

  • AT2020. Quite possibly the most popular model in the Audio Technica catalog…
  • ATR2500 USB. As the quality of USB mics have improved over the years…
  • ATR2100 USB. As you’ve probably noticed by now…
  • ATM650.
  • Audio Technica PRO 37.
  • AT2050 Multi-pattern.
  • AT4050ST.
  • AT4081.

Is Audio Technica AT2020 USB good for vocals?

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ The AT2020USB+ can be used with any digital music recording studio and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Another important feature is the AT2020USB+ has a cardioid polar pattern – this is the best type of pattern for recording vocals, podcasts, or instruments in a studio.

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