Are Husqvarna pressure washers any good?

Are Husqvarna pressure washers any good?

The Husqvarna PW 360 is our best pressure washer of 2020 because it is a substantial yet light pressure washer that gives you the best of two worlds. It looks relatively neat and is easy to move around. But it’s a very powerful machine and the long, steel reinforced high-pressure hose is very flexible.

Who makes Husqvarna pressure washer?

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Two new Husqvarna® pressure washers, manufactured by Briggs & Stratton Corporation (NYSE: BGG), will make it much easier for homeowners to clean driveways, patio decks, windows and siding, as well as completing other difficult outdoor cleaning tasks.

What kind of pressure washers do demon make?

Demon Pressure Washers manufacture a range of industrial pressure washers including hot and cold water machines, petrol and diesel pressure washers, bowser and mini-bowser pressure washers and the latest innovation in flat surface cleaning the Hurricane Combi.

What is a Mini Bowser pressure washer?

The Mini-Bowser range is a portable pressure washer, available in petrol and diesel models. The mini-bowser is highly popular amongst hire and facilities management companies worldwide. The Tornado range of Bowser Pressure Washers is one of the most versatile cleaning solutions in Europe.

Why choose the storm range of electric pressure washers?

The Storm range of electric pressure washers is easy to operate and offers fantastic value for money. The wall mounted range are ideal for use inside buildings in particular food production factories. They can be used on a hot water ring main up to 60 C by upgrading to Viton seals.

What is a tempest Cabinet pressure washer?

The Tempest Cabinet Washers are housed in a strong steel cabinet and are designed for outside industrial use. Ideal for industrial cleaning of vehicles and machinery The typhoon evolution is a road towable diesel hot water pressure washer, designed for use in public spaces.

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