Are Jaguar crossbows any good?

Are Jaguar crossbows any good?

Hi, The Jaguar crossbow is a good bow. The plastic limb tips used to break on the 2008 and 2009 models, but they improved the string and tips for 2010. It’s high quality, light weight and accurate. I have sold over 250 of them with only one return.

How many pounds is a Jaguar crossbow?

The Jaguar Crossbow features 175-pound draw weight, reinforced composited stock, and complete package.

How fast does a Jaguar crossbow shoot?

Jaguar 175-lb. Crossbow Kit. 265 F.P.S.!

How far will a Jaguar crossbow shoot?

It should shoot about 235-240 f.p.s. Even with that arrow you probably should consider your maximum effective range around 25 yards.

What size bolt does a Jaguar crossbow take?

20″ Carbon Crossbow Bolt.

Is the MTech Jaguar crossbow good for hunting?

It is made of pre-strung fiberglass limb, aluminium barrel and is covered in camouflage colors so it’s great for hunting in the woods. MTech Jaguar crossbow can be used both for hunting and shooting. With this crossbow that measures 36 x 25 inches, you also get two-inch arrows.

What is the best Jaguar crossbow for beginners?

Jaguar CR-013 is the top-rated recurve crossbow ideal for beginners and hunters. The powerful jaguar crossbow shoots at a speed of up to 245 feet per second. It is designed, keeping in mind the safety, accuracy, and durability. It is available in black rifle style design and has 175lbs of draw-weight.

What is the best crossbow for hunting with 150 lbs?

Jaguar 150 lb Crossbow Fiberglass​ Jaguar 150 lbs a fiberglass crossbow is an excellent option for hunters. It is lighter, compact, and easy to cock with 150 pounds of weight. With slightly lighter draw weight it allows you to take down big games easily.

What is the difference between the Jaguar 175 lb and 50 lb?

Jaguar 175 lb crossbow comes with all the necessary details and features you need to know. Jaguar 50 lb Crossbow Fiberglass has a lightweight construction, and aluminum-alloy handles. It is also a superb option for novice and expert hunters. Both the crossbows are lightweight and easy to carry.

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