Are Kansas records public?

Are Kansas records public?

Kansas Public Records This law specifies that all government information and records are presumed accessible to the public. The main purpose of the Kansas State Records website is to give the general public access to these records easily and effectively, as is their right.

How do I get court documents in Kansas?

Public court records are available at each courthouse. Each court has a computer reserved for public searches of court case information and court records in that court. Sealed cases and sealed records are not public, and some cases are exempt from disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221).

How do I find someone’s crime?

To find criminal history records online, search for the name of the state and “criminal history records.” Often, this search pulls up a bunch of websites. Look for records held by a state court (judiciary) or government agency (like a state bureau of investigations).

How to search for a case in Kansas District Court?

Welcome to the Kansas District Court Records Search application where you can find information regarding Kansas District Court Records cases. The cost is $1.50 per search and $1.50 per case retrieved for view. Your search may result in no cases being available. You will still be charged the $1.50 for the search.

What are Kansas Court records?

Kansas Court Records refer to the court records maintained by the Kansas state courts. You can make a request for and obtain various types of Kansas Court Records including civil records, criminal records, child support records, sate traffic records, domestic relations records, and small claims records.

How much does a criminal record search cost in Kansas?

Each name-based search costs $20.00. Alternatively, a requester may complete a criminal record search request form and mail it to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Mail requests for name-based criminal history checks are certified but cost $30.00. Intending requesters may also request a certified fingerprint-based criminal history search.

Who is the central record custodian in Kansas?

The Kansas Bureau of Criminal Investigation is the central record custodian and often compiles the information from other local and state law enforcement offices, trial courts, courts of appeals, and various correctional institutions. Kansas state criminal records typically comprise the following:

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