Are Live Wire cables good?

Are Live Wire cables good?

Livewire Essential microphone cables offer outstanding quality for a budget price, with nickel-plated Rean® connectors for secure connectivity and a spiral copper shield with 95% coverage. Regardless of your application, Livewire cables and accessories are the trusted conduits you need.

Are Digiflex cables good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality and value! Simply the best affordable 25′ XLR out there. Great quality cable as per usual with Digiflex. I tend to always go for the neutrik connectors and belgan cable…. but for a 25 foot XLR cable at this price… you just can’t get any better quality versus price point at all!

Can I use TS cable instead of TRS?

No, for a small studio, other than the cost difference, you can use TRS in the place of TS cables. When you start looking at cable runs over around six meters (20 feet) you can start seeing some issues with resistance, depending on what you are using the wire for.

How far can unbalanced audio run?

15-20 feet
Unbalanced cables work great for connecting a guitar to an amp, for instance, but because they are not very good at suppressing noise from outside interference, unbalanced cables should have a maximum length of 15-20 feet (4-6 meters), especially when used in noisy environments and with signals that are low level to …

Are Mogami cables made in Japan?

Every foot of Mogami cable is made in Nagano, Japan under the direct supervision of the company founder who continues to work every day. Mogami is also dedicated to responsible manufacturing and was the first cable factory to meet RoHS requirements for everything they make.

What is the difference between TRS and TS cables?

TS cables are generally used for mono, unbalanced signals. These are most commonly used with electric guitars. TRS cables can be used for mono, balanced signals as well as stereo signals. An example of a mono, balanced signal would be the line in or out from your audio interface.

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