Are Ninjago and Chima connected?

Are Ninjago and Chima connected?

Official description. One of the 16 parallel realms connected to the NINJAGO world, Chima is a world filled with intelligent, talking animals capable of walking on two legs.

Is Ultra agents canon to Ninjago?

Ultra Agents A fan’s Ninjago map made with the help of Tommy Andreasen included Astor City as a location, but this is not canon.

Is Nexo Knights related to Ninjago?

NexoKnights are not part of the Ninjago universe. Regarding CHIMA keep your eyes peeled.

Who is the masked rider in Lego Chima?

Lavertus in Exile Lavertus managed to build a settlement in the Outlands and created the alter ego of ShadoWind in order to return to Chima in disguise and participate in racing with Speedorz and win Golden CHI.

What are the Legends of Chima episodes about?

This is a list of Legends of Chima episodes, based on LEGO ‘s Legends of Chima series of LEGO sets. An innocent escapade results in Cragger getting his first experience with the CHI, a sacred resource important into the balance of CHIMA .

Why will the heroes of Chima stay in his Outland base?

The heroes will stay in his outland base so they can have new gear and a place to sleep. The heroes of Chima learn that the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts are being held captive by a Tribe of creepy Spiders. They must come up with a clever plan to defeat this massive threat.

What happens to the Chi in Legend Beasts?

The CHI falls of Mt. Cavora are not running; the Black Cloud looms; the Lion Temple is attacked; Laval believes in a peaceful solution. In the Outlands the heroes learn the disturbing truth about the stolen Chi and the missing Legend Beasts.

What happens to Crooler after the Wolves attack Chima?

The wolves begin chi jacking everyone in Chima which soon throws Chima out of balance causing earthquakes. Crooler returns to the swamp where she is thrown out of the castle for her betrayal.

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