Are Regal resonators any good?

Are Regal resonators any good?

Regal has a beautiful line of high selling resonators with good quality designs. This model features a solid and up-to-date design in every area of the instrument. The body is made of mahogany wood, and the volume and tone that resonates from this model are simply incredible.

Where are regal resonators made?

Nowadays Regal is property Saga Musical Instruments, with its instruments manufactured in Korea and distributed in San Francisco, United States. Currently, only resonator guitars are sold under the Regal brand. All are manufactured in Korea and then distributed in the United States.

Who makes Regal resonator guitars?

Currently, only resonator guitars are sold under the Regal brand….Regal Musical Instrument Company.

Type Private (1896–1954) Brand (1954–present)
Fate Company defunct in 1954, brand acquired by Harmony, then owned by other companies
Headquarters Chicago , United States
Area served United States
Products Resonator guitars, mandolins and ukuleles

How does the Domio pro work with micro-vibrations?

Here’s a video from Domio Co-Founder Bart Lipski showing how the Domio Pro works with micro-vibrations. The Pro is a more complex version of the Moto because it has a microphone, enabling the wearer to make phone calls and issue voice commands to Siri for example.

How good is the Domio?

Domio did a great job making their buttons large enough to work with and separating them adequately to avoid mistakenly pushing power when you want volume for example. In winter here it’s more likely to snow than rain so I decided to shock test the Domio as best I could by dropping it repeatedly from about 3 feet off the ground onto a wooden table.

What makes the Domio Moto so special?

The Domio Moto is special and noteworthy in three major ways. It’s purely a helmet speaker system, not a two-way communication device It can be transferred from one helmet to another in seconds, so you’re not stuck with a device that can only be used in one brand or type of helmet

Does the Yamaha Domio work as a music player?

I mean it worked, but it didn’t work well enough to use as your on-bike music player. Here’s one area the Domio dominates in. Its three-button design is perfect for me to work with.

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