Are there any hurricanes coming?

Are there any hurricanes coming?

There are no tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at this time. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

Did Elsa hit St Lucia?

Hurricane Elsa battered the islands of St. Lucia and Barbados on Friday, tearing off rooftops, downing trees and power lines and blocking roads as it moved across the eastern Caribbean with 75 mph winds and heavy rain.

Is a Category 1 hurricane bad?

Hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 74 mph to 95 mph are classified as Category 1 strength. Category 1 hurricanes can cause damage to unanchored mobile homes and signs. Trees can also be severely damaged by Category 1 hurricane winds, with large branches breaking and some trees being completely uprooted.

When is Le 14 Juillet in France?

Le 14 juillet ! The 14th of July (‘ le quatorze juillet’) in France is the French National Day ( Fête Nationale française) and is a French public holiday.

What are the rules for EPAC software compliance?

Introduce any viruses, computer code, files or programs, or damage in any other manner or way, that interrupts, destroys, limits functionality, disables, overburdens, impairs or otherwise gains unauthorized access that causes harm to the EPAC Software (including but not limited to hardware, software, equipment and network).

What is EPAC’s policy on User Responsibility?

EPAC does not monitor or edit content, but EPAC retains the right to remove any content that EPAC deems inappropriate, illegal, or which may infringe upon the rights of any third party. Violations of any of the above user responsibility guidelines could lead to the suspension or deactivation of your EPAC account. 6.

What are EPAC properties and Epac software?

“EPAC Properties” means the content, programs and services, as well as the underlying design, applications, software, web platforms and “look and feel,” offered in all forms and media through the Licensed Software. “EPAC Software” means the Licensed Software and EPAC Properties.

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