Ask a permission to film

Demander une autorisation de tournage

Permission to shoot

As you can read in the article ” Account of my filming , I had to perform several steps of pre-production for this shoot, which had a budget big enough for my status.

With this budget, I was able to rent equipment rather important, and for this I have necessarily had to work with a large team (for my level) of approximately fifteen technicians. It is for this reason that, unlike my previous shoots, I made the choice to ask for permissions for filming to avoid the risk that the police will arrive, and vienna to prevent me from turning.


How I am taken

Here are the steps I recommend you follow to facilitate your requests for permission.

You will see that I have not always done everything as it should be ?

Step 1 : define the maximum information about the sequence or sequences to turn

Here is a list of questions that you are supposed to respond when your application for a permit to film :

  • How many participants (actors, extras and technicians) ?
  • Will you need to block lanes for your filming ?
  • Are you going to turn on the floor ?
  • Do you have the machinery (dolly and crane) ?
  • What to talk about sequences that will be shot and the film in general ?
  • What is the date, time, and approximate duration of the filming of your movie ?

I didn’t follow this step exactly to the letter. By inexperience, but also because I was unable at this time to know the precise dates of my shooting, primarily because of the availability of all the stakeholders of the film.


Step 2 : write a letter of request to film

I have, however, sent a first letter to the city council, without giving precise dates, because I knew at least the range in which my filming would take place and that would happen pretty quickly (in a month and a half).

Here is my letter of shooting inspired by a letter I found on the net.

Subject : permission to shoot

Mr. Mayor,

I am currently preparing the shooting of a short video film entitled Chassé-croisé , which will be predominantly shot in Chatillon, in the month of may. It is a small student film in cinema, which will bring together a dozen technicians.

This film is a choral film on the outskirts, you will find in attachments the synopsis as well as my note of intent. Winner of a grant from the city for this project, filming in Châtillon is the logical continuation of my artistic process*.

So I would like to shoot some scenes in your city, precisely in the street : Boulevard de La République, Place de l’église and Rue Gatino.

I have not yet set the dates of filming waiting for this have your permission**.

By this, I seek your permission for the shooting and remains at your disposal for further information.

I beg you to believe, Mr. Mayor, in the expression of my respectful greetings.

Romain Boileau

(*) I had in effect been a subsidy from the city which has helped me along with things.

(**) It would have been preferable as I have told you to have my dates.

Step 3 : wait a week and then raise all the weeks

I was told that it was the service road that would give me the permission. I waited a week and then I called this service. My mail had been forwarded to the elected. Being courteous, I asked if they could give me an estimate of wait time before answer. It was explained to me that this would be done at the latest within five days.

Seven days later, I still had not received a response. After observing, I finally understood why.

I simply didn’t leave my number… Do not make the same mistake as me !

It was explained to me that my application had a positive opinion in theory, but I had to provide more information.

As soon as I got my information, I am eager to recall I have obtained the permissions without too much trouble.

In the end, I got a vision much more difficult this step and I’m glad I don’t have too much time.

Nevertheless, the fact that I was shooting in a small town has made things easier.


How to turn on Paris or in a big city ?

I never asked for permissions on Paris, but as I wanted to give you an complete article, I decided to take a maximum of information on the subject.

I called the office of the 15th district to ask them how it was to be taken.

I was told that it was better to call them and give them accurate information about the shooting.

There 2 solutions :

  • Be the shooting does not pose any problem and they are able to grant us permission;
  • Be it is not within their jurisdiction, and you have to call the prefecture to this number : 01 53 71 42 45 (for Paris)

So, if you ever really want to turn to Paris, I encourage you to call the commissioner of the district concerned. From there, they will advise you on the steps to follow. Attention, I think there will be to you of the paperwork.

I hope that this article will help you see more clearly in this phase of pre-production non-negligible. Feel free not to respond to this article in the comments and ask me your questions or to let me know your experiences about it.


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