The Storyboard : Tips and examples for preparing your film

After reviewing the notice of intent and then the cutting technique, it is now the turn of the storyboard to get his little guide. In our article on the splitting technique, we insisted to explain that it was a different document than the storyboard. It is therefore time to explain concretely what is the storyboard […]

cutting technique : tips and examples

Short guide to practical advice and examples around the cutting technique, an essential step before beginning any project. We studied there is little note of intent, but today it is another very important document, and quite a few mastered by the neophytes that we are going to study today. This is not the most famous […]

The depth of field in cinema

The depth of field is a term used in cinema, but also in photography. This corresponds to the area of the image, whose elements are crisp, not fuzzy. It is also called zone of sharpness in the image or focal plane. More specifically, it is the distance between the first and the last net image. […]

Woody Allen, a filmmaker who loves to travel

Woody Allen is a lover of New York, and especially Manhattan, it is a no-brainer. He has built his reputation with his first film shot in this city as Annie Hall and the aptly named Manhattan. But despite this reputation as a filmmaker, ” New york “, Woody Allen is a true globe-trotter particularly attracted […]

movements of camera in the cinema

The image, more than the dialogues or the music, is the essence of the cinema and of the film. Above all, it is through the image that the developer needs to “speak” and communicate with the viewer. But the image in the cinema is, most of the time, not static. If many plans do not […]

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