Travelling to the cinema

Discover everything there is to know on the travelling ! Today, we’ll look a little better to a system of staging that everyone is useful and which is visible from everywhere, the dolly. Everyone knows what it is, but not necessarily the details of it. More important, we will also see the meanings of such […]

sequence Plan

Typically, a movie includes several hundreds of plans, see thousands for some hollywood action films of recent. The plan sequence, very appreciated of the great filmmakers, goes a bit against the trend as it is in a scene filmed in a single take, without cuts. Definition of the sequence The plan is a piece of […]

fixed Plan

As its name indicates, there is no movement to speak of here, but the lack of movement can and should be considered as a movement in itself by any director. The immobility of the camera, as any movement was set up sensations of its own and it is therefore essential to master. Definition of the […]

Panoramic horizontal and vertical

The pan is a movement, a rotation of the camera about its position. Basically, it progressively changes the angle of view, without the camera moving. It is usually done with the aid of a tripod on which the camera will be fixed, even if some of the scenic are carried out in camera. The pan […]

Camera range, POS and Steadycam

The hand-held camera, point of view and the steadycam, are techniques to be quite similar, but each with specific features that can justify the use of one rather than the other by the director of a film. The hand-held camera In a motion hand-held camera, the camera is not fixed to a tripod, but directly […]

making a film : The best books to learn

You already have some knowledge of movies but feel the need to enrich them ? here is a list of quality books, written by professionals, to develop your skills in film-making, shooting, and in some cases, the post-production. These books are comprehensive and allow students or filmmakers beginners to learn the basics, but also to […]

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