BEAUNE 2016 : interview with MELVIL POUPAUD

Member of the jury of the 8th festival of the detective movie Beaune, the actor Melvil Poupaud (a Tale of summer, The Time found, A Christmas tale, Mysteries of Lisbon, Laurence Anyways, Head down) he granted us an interview on how he approaches his craft. Festival du film policier requires, I asked Melvil Poupaud if […]


Daniel Blake is a carpenter, 59 years of age. After a heart attack, his gp, her cardiologist and his physio he forbidden to return to work. However, the medical officer accredited by the british government deems fit to resume a professional activity. This judgment marks the beginning of a descent into the underworld. Many speak […]

Cinema, passion…what brings us together

Believe… and never give up ! The end of the month of August has a bitter taste… I don’t know if this is really the right expression… What I mean is that by the end of the month of August I am sad. Last Sunday, while the weekend ended quietly, I looked at my laptop […]

Alone in the world study of the hero’s journey

Case study or how to understand the construction of the hero’s journey Hello to all. The article on the trigger you much inspired. You have been aware of for some that it was not so simple to define the trigger event, the exhibition or the catalysts of the item. Often you make a mistake with […]

GOOD MANNERS, tale of the full moon – Review

Racking up the awards in various film festivals in the four corners of the world, GOOD MANNERS has fuelled our curiosity. Have to say that this is not every day that one sees a tale of the fantastic brazilian. The genre of the fantastic reveals all its interest, as it allows you to create relationships […]

Luc Besson…6 degrees and me

I will give you a story personally, the errors do not…and Luc Besson This is an article a little special that I propose to you today. I even think that this is one of the most intimate that I am sharing with you. I’m about to share with you some things that I never tell […]

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