writing residencies for writers and authors movies

Great opportunity for some writers, writing residencies can be a decisive factor in the careers of the authors. But it is not obvious to know everything about the past. A short guide on these trips to be very useful and sometimes difficult to access. To write a scenario, be in a good framework and an […]

the layout of The scenario

To write a screenplay, have a good idea of the inspiration and talent, it helps, but this is not all ! It also takes a lot of work, and above all, knowledge ! In fact, there are many rules and codes to follow for the layout of a scenario. I thought knowing these rules, and […]

Write a film script, short film

Write a scenario is a complex task, which requires to rely on a method. Having an idea is one thing, but knowing how to exploit it in a meaningful way, respecting the basic rules of playwriting, and writing for the cinema in particular, is another. Finally, if writing a screenplay of a short film and […]

Trainspotting T2 : Q&A with Danny Boyle

During his visit to Paris to present his new film Trainspotting Q2, Danny Boyle has done us the pleasure of answering a few questions ! Find out why the title is made to “piss off James Cameron“, what is his relationship with Ewan McGregor, and a few excluded on the music of the film. Find […]

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