Tim Burton : the masterclass of the director

After Steven Spielberg in the beginning of the year, the cinémathèque again puts honour a film director in contemporary american and not least because it is Tim Burton ! The director, in addition to a masterclass and retrospective, has the right to an exhibition imported directly from the MOMA in New York. Tim Burton is […]

Masterclass Sin City 2 : Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller

 Frank Miller is a writer and comic book artist. He created the universe of Sin City and brings it to the screen with Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriguez is an american film director (Desperado, Planet Terror, Machete) fond of comics who co-directed Sin City 2. Masterclass September 11, 2014 – Paris – – Frank Miller, 25 […]

Masterclass Francis Ford Coppola

Fnac Montparnasse, 2009 Francis Ford Coppola is one of the greatest masters of the cinema. He is the director of the trilogy ” the godfather “,” Apocalypse now “, “Rusty James” or, more recently, ” Tetro “. It is on the occasion of the promotion of this film that Francis Ford Coppola has met the […]

Masterclass of film director Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is part of the generation of filmmakers who revolutionized Hollywood in the 70’s. With jaws, E. T. and Indiana Jones, it is at the origin of the blockbusters. It has since proven its value in the context of dramas, including the magnificent Schindler’s list. On the occasion of the release of the film […]

Masterclass of the director, John Cameron Mitchell

The director John Cameron Mitchell has shared his experience and his advice during a masterclass. Director at the style déganté and imposing, also sulfurant as it is marked, John Cameron Mitchell is coming soon to the cinema with the film the How to Talk to Girls at Parties, in premiere at the Champs Elysées Film […]

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