Blow stronger than the sea at the cinema since Wednesday

Souffler plus fort que la mer au cinéma depuis mercredi

Blow Stronger Than The Sea

This makes me weird that I write this article and not Tom. For those who don’t know, Tom was first assistant on this film, which is out this Wednesday, May 10.

The good news is that I’ve been able to see Tom, for a short moment, among them, to discuss. I’m going to give you here 2 information :

  • This what I was told by Tom
  • You speak of the release of the film
  • Taking the word of a Marine Place, the director of the film

“Blow stronger than the sea “

Synopsis :

Loïc and Louison belong to the last family of fishermen from a small island in brittany. Indebted to the neck, the couple is forced to sell his boat for a “premium” case. Follows a long descent to the underworld, during which the daughter of the family, Julie, tries to resist through music. She throws himself diligently in the practice of the saxophone…

This film is directed by Marine Place (I met the next week) and produced by Sensito Films. Writing a film is a battle, as well as the filming…but the release of a film is not easy either.

More than a movie, an adventure !

You have, without doubt, follow-up, thanks to the articles of Tom, the shooting of this film is not up to standard. Yes, I did say non-standard because the budget of this film is tiny. The team is reduced to a minimum and yet the film takes place on an island. There are special effects, the actors are extraordinary, scenes of aquatic and boats !! When Tom speaks, he has tears in his eyes

Tom : ” there are magical moments in the professional life and this film is a part of it. I often say that I would not be here, doing this, if I hadn’t encountered Navy. It is a magical moment because, despite thee lack of money, lack of time, the changeable weather, and although this film is a human adventure exceptional. It’s a true moment of cinema both by the energy that the team has made but also because it is a scenario that profound, touching, carried by a tiny woman with a desire and a passion still more amazing.”

Here is the teaser

The word Marine Instead

… “Blow stronger than the sea” is due out on Wednesday, May 10, in the dining room.

With Olivia Ross, Aurélien Recoing, Corinne Masiero

Annie-France Poli, Loïc Baylec, Michel Masiero, Yann Tassin, Franck Andrieux

What an adventure to get there !!! … yes, there are a dozen years, this vision of “flooding ” (the first title of the film editor’s note) going through me head for a feature film script. The idea, the feeling of submersion as much emotional as ” social “ and this revolt, this fight deep with a possible outcome, a resistance, a resilience… you Want to tell this on an island as if we were all a bit of an island

Hoëdic has been the backdrop flamboyant of this story.

The story of a social reality in which I sought a form of poetry.

A scenario that I have worked, reworked… shot, edited, directed. Thanks to a passionate team, actors will be invested and who have given flesh, voice and breath! These beings of the sea.

Everything has been done with small means, very small ways from the beginning to the end.

The distribution also today… The world of cinema is also a two-speed… these two speeds, as in society, have nothing to do with each other…

And you will see me this time in a communication enough craft! …But enthusiastic! (Navy crosses the France of end-to-end to talk about his film and be there at the side of the spectators to the first)

The film will be released in 28 theaters in France, the first week of the 10 to 16 May. This is WEEK 1 !

The word-of-mouth is going to be quite essential for the existence of this film. So don’t hesitate to share, to go see, to prevent people you know and who live near one of the cities where the film goes.

It seems that it is important to go as early as the first day… But go there the other days will be great as well! The most important thing is to go and see

I hope that it will survive and will blow stronger than the ” turn over ” ruthless films and especially short films to navigate a few weeks! ?

In any case, it is with great enthusiasm that I share this experience, these images, these emotions, this reflection. I made a fortnight before the first and twenty debates in the dining room waiting for me again in the weeks to come. “

TOM you application

Tom ” the Navy has done what many of us dream of doing. Namely : Perform a first film, to be produced and distributed. Tomorrow, and I hope with all my strength, readers of ” How to Make A Movie “ to live can be an experience. I say to Cedric, this day I will be there to support them. I have one thing to ask to all readers of the blog.

Go see this film !

Put a review on Allociné and make fart the star !

  • Link to the info on your pages web, your blogs, go ask the cinema, near you, to schedule the film
  • Relaying, on facebook and tweeter, your neighbours !

You are more than 50 000/months to come on the blog. Every comment on allo ciné (Critical viewer link : http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm-251272/critiques/spectateurs/) and all shares are good to take.

I have received thousands of emails telling me thank you for this blog, for my time, for the experience and the knowledge that I share. You want me to say thank you… then take action, show me that “How to Make A Movie” is a community you can rely on. Each entry counts ! “

I think that you have understood that the life of the film depends on each of you and Tom is counting on you. Here is an interactive map that shows you where (for the moment) the film is projected.

Go on the page facebook of the film here : https://www.facebook.com/SPFQLM/

The whole team wishes you a good projection and are also you !

Here is the article : ” Blow stronger than the sea “.

Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions or comments below this article.

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