Call for Films, Festival Welcome To…7

Appel à Films, Festival Welcome To…7

Welcome To…


Hello to all. This week I would like to introduce an associative structure, Dick Laurent, created and maintained by Eric Deschamps , and especially to talk to you about the Festival Welcome To…that it has initiated with Alice Lemoine.

I know Eric for many years now because, at a time, we gravitions both in the community and we found ourselves in presenting our respective films, before I turn to the assistant in realization.

Its association with Dick Laurent, created in 1997, aims to offer its help and support to directors to lead their project. Dick Laurent is more than twenty films made !

But in this article I would like to especially emphasize the fact that the association does a lot for the dissemination of the short film. She has organized many events such as : the challenges of The short , with 8 editions from 2004 to 2010, windows to short with 3 editions from 2006 to 2010 etc…

Since 2010, Dick Laurent, has created a Festival call for Films to constraints : “Welcome To… “

For you speak very quickly of the concept, it refers to the film of Lars Von trier and Jorgen Leth ‘s Five Obstructions “. From the short film “cult of Von Trier’s” The Perfect Human ” Jorgen Leth is challenged by Von trier to make 5 remakes of her short with, each time, different constraints. Forcing Leth to review and put into perspective the characters and the story of the film.

Well, here it is the same thing. Eric gives a unique topic with specific constraints to necessarily include in your short film to be eligible.

With each year, a theme : Welcome To AlabamaWelcome To the moon, Welcome To morrow, Welcome To the passenger, Welcome To the other side, Welcome To the end and…

…Welcome To #7 ” the More the merrier “

This year, only one constraint, the theme : ” More the merrier “ and that the film does not exceed, including the credits, 8 minutes !!

Yes you read right, 8 minutes ! I tell you since the beginning of this blog that it is important that you succeed to make short films. The first reason is because it is easier to find the money, engineers and time for a film of 10 minutes for a 20-minute film ! The quality of a film, as much by its structure, its characters and its scope have nothing to do with the length of the film !

All those who come here will have projects to feature, series, tv movies etc… Many want to achieve, write… and sometimes play… A short film, well written, well directed and well played will necessarily have more impact than a movie long where nothing goes.

I strongly encourage you to participate in this contest even if you have no budget ! I would say even especially if you don’t have a budget ! I put you in link, at the end of this article, films that have been made to Welcome To…with budgets approaching Zero…and you can see the quality, ingenuity and energy that the filmmakers and their team have put in to achieve this result.

Do you often think that it must be necessarily big bucks, several thousands of euros to make a film, even a short one. Welcome To… you prove the contrary… but for this we need to roll up the sleeves ! Stop procrastiner, stop finding excuses. Get your hands dirty and scream : ENGINE ! And you will see that to make a film of 8 minutes is an adventure in itself. This only shows a tiny part of what represents the difficulty of a long or a series.

Entries for Welcome To…7 must be made prior to March 27, 2016. You must send your completed film before April 27, 2016 !!! Suffice to say that once you’ve completed this article, you have to move !! ;o)

The call for films is open to everyone ! You have 2 categories :

  • Blow-Out : That is to say all films made in the framework of the festival after the 1st January 2016. The duration of the film must not exceed 8 minutes. The registration costs only 6 euros ! 1st prize : 2000 euros of equipment rental in Alive
  • Blow up : That is to say, all films produced after 1st January 2014, with a duration of less than 20 minutes, and responding to the theme ” the More the merrier… “. Registration is free ;o) 1st prize : 1500 euros of equipment rental in Alive

Download the registration form here


Download the regulations here



You’ll understand that there are more than these 2 constraints to be eligible : 8 minutes, including the credits, and stick to the theme !! Your cameras, in your scenarios, Go !

I put you here examples of short films made for the Welcome To the other side. If you want to see more, go take a ride on the site of Dick Laurent :

This is not a film : Mathieu Aglossi

[CM 2014 WT5] Assault from Dick Laurent on Vimeo.


Rabbit of the world : Arnaud Martin


Confuture : Directed by a class of 1era L !!!!




That’s it for this article on : The festival Welcome To…, which is, once again, an article a little different from usual, but who, I think, can you go back to the block ! and finally you pass it to the action

Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.


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Thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o).

For this contest I insist, rotate this article, send by mail, upload it, put it on the forums and on your blogs, on the site of your schools…in short, everywhere where it will be visible. I look forward to see your movies ;o)

You can now return to the plan of the site (Article Tab) to read other articles, you just have to click on the link.

Has next Sunday.

Tom Weil



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