Can a pleco live with a Jack Dempsey?

Can a pleco live with a Jack Dempsey?

Common Plecostomus However their appetite for algae makes them indispensable for many hobbyists. And their size and armored flanks make them a good match for Jack Dempseys.

Can tetras live with Jack Dempsey?

Jack Dempsey fish tank mates can be Oscars, firemouth cichlids, kissing gourami, koi, angelfish, cave tetras, and green terror.

Can I keep 2 Jack Dempseys together?

Can You Keep Jack Dempsey Fish Together? Keeping Jack Dempseys together in a species-only tank is the best option for beginners. It can be hard to keep other species alive. Just remember males don’t tolerate other males very well, so one per tank is the safest option.

How aggressive are Jack Dempsey cichlids?

It, like most cichlids, is considered “aggressive”, but can get along in a well-populated tank, tending to be more territorial if kept with only a few other fish, therefore allowed to easily establish and defend a “territory” in the tank. Jack Dempsey cichlids can often appear shy, hiding away in cave work.

How big do Jack Dempsey cichlids get?

seven to eight inches
Size: Perch-like in shape, the Cichlasoma octofasciatum is a large cichlid, reaching seven to eight inches (18-20 cm). Behavior: Its common name refers to the boxer, Jack Dempsey, because of its fighting demeanor. They are extremely aggressive and excitable; schools are formed only when young.

Can an Oscar breed with a Jack Dempsey?

Find out whether these two aggressive cichlids can get along. Large cichlids, such as Jack Dempseys and Oscar fish, are known for levels of aggression from mild to very aggressive. So, can you keep them together? The answer is yes, providing a couple of conditions are met.

Do Jack Dempseys eat their babies?

Jack Dempseys are substrate spawners and breed in the open. As with many other new cichlid parents, Jack Dempseys may consume their first few broods. But after spawning several times, they usually get the hang of parenting. Though it’s been reported if they are overly disturbed, they may eat their fry.

Is Jack Dempsey cichlids African?

The Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) is a species of cichlid fish that is native to freshwater habitats from southern Mexico to Honduras, but also introduced elsewhere. Its common name refers to its aggressive nature and strong facial features, likened to that of the famous 1920s boxer Jack Dempsey.

Do Jack Dempsey fish get along with other fish?

Like most cichlids, Jack Dempsey is known for its aggressive nature but can get along with other fish in a well-populated tank. Fishkeepers who want to have a peaceful tank for Jack Dempseys must consider their tank mates very carefully. So, what are the best Jack Dempsey Tank Mates?

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How big of a tank does a Jack Dempsey need?

Keeping Jack Dempseys in a tank of at least 125 gallons will make them very happy. Furthermore, you have more tank mates fit the bill. Firemouth cichlids are equally colorful that will bring a splash of color to any tank. The native habitat of these beautiful cichlids extends from Central America.

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