Can a Taurus 38 Special shoot 357 bullets?

Can a Taurus 38 Special shoot 357 bullets?

No; . 357 Magnum was specifically designed so it cannot be fired from handguns chambered in . 38 Special, but you can shoot . 38 Special in a gun chambered in .

Is 38 Super and 38 Special the same?

They are not interchangeable, the 38 super is a high pressure auto cartridge. The 38 special/. 357 mag is a lower pressure revolver cartridge.

Can 38 ammo be used in a 357 Magnum?

Of course, recoil is also nearly double as well. But here’s the deal: Because the two rounds are loaded with bullets that are the same diameters, but the 357 Magnum merely has a longer case and more powder, the 38 Special cartridge can be safely fired in guns marked 357 Magnum, but not vice-versa.

What rounds can a 38 Special shoot?

What Type of Ammunition Can I Fire In My Revolver?

If Your Revolver Is Marked … It Will Safely Fire These Cartridges …
.327 Federal Magnum .327 Federal Magnum, .32 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Long
.38 Special .38 Special
.38 Special +P .38 Special +P, .38 Special
.357 Magnum .357 Magnum, .38 Special +P, .38 Special

What’s the difference between a 38 Super in a 9 mm?

38 Super is a “magnum” 9 mm and that it’s significantly more effective from a terminal-performance standpoint. With common FMJ ammunition you can expect a . 38 Super to generate about 10 percent more velocity and about 20 percent more kinetic energy.

What zodiac sign is Taurus most compatible with?

Taurus & Gemini. Taurus and Gemini aren’t really the ideal couple in a typical sense, but when their individualities coincide in an accepting relationship, they can become exactly what they both need Taurus & Cancer. Taurus and Cancer are the seed of a family, both of them true believers in intimacy.

What is the zodiac sign of Scorpio and Taurus?

Taurus and Scorpio represent the axis of life and death, love and sex, emotion and obsession. Together, these signs represent the conception of all life. If these partners find a fine balance, they will hold this incredible power of creation in their hands Taurus and Sagittarius are two of the most beneficent signs in the zodiac.

What are Leo and Taurus zodiac signs like?

Taurus and Leo are both representatives of love, one of them earthly, sensual and quiet and the other one fiery, passionate and loud. If they choose each other, this is love multiplied

What happens when Taurus fall in love with Virgo?

When Taurus falls in love with Virgo, they will do anything to convince them that love exists and show them all its beauty. If Virgo recognizes love and they share enough tenderness, this is a couple that could truly last a lifetime Taurus and Libra are two sides of Venus, difficult to reconcile.

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