Can an op amp be used as a comparator?

Can an op amp be used as a comparator?

While operational amplifiers and comparators may look similar, they are very different and designed to be used in different applications as an op-amp may be used as a comparator, a voltage comparator can not be used as an op-amp due to its non-linear output stage.

Can be used as a comparator?

Comparators can also be used as window detectors. In a window detector, a comparator is used to compare two voltages and determine whether a given input voltage is under voltage or over voltage.

Is comparator and amplifier same?

Unlike operational amplifiers that usually operate with the input voltages at the same level, comparators typically see large differential voltage swings at their inputs. But some comparators without rail-to-rail inputs are specified to have a limited common mode input voltage range.

What are the limitations of using op amp as comparator?

Disadvantages of Op Amp Comparator An external hysteresis is always required for slow moving inputs, op amps doesn’t have any internal hysteresis. There will be diodes connected back to back between inputs of many op amps, that may cause unpredicted current at inputs.

Is it possible to use feedback op amps to build a comparator?

It is invalid with current-feedback (transimpedance) op amps that have very low impedance at their inverting inputs. For this reason, they should never be used as comparators.

How is op-amp 741 used as a comparator?

An inverting 741 IC op-amp comparator circuit is shown in the figure below. It is called a inverting comparator circuit as the sinusoidal input signal Vin is applied to the inverting terminal. The fixed reference voltage Vref is give to the non-inverting terminal (+) of the op-amp.

What are the different types of comparators?

Types of Comparators

  • Mechanical Comparator.
  • Mechanical-Optical Comparator.
  • Reed Type Comparator.
  • Electrical-Electronic Comparator.
  • Pneumatic Comparator.

What is the use of comparator in op amp?

A basic op-amp comparator circuit can be used to detect either a positive or a negative going input voltage depending upon which input of the operational amplifier we connect the fixed reference voltage source and the input voltage too.

Can a comparator op-amp have differential input clamping diodes?

An op-amp cannot have differential input clamping diodes when used as a comparator. When applying a differential signal larger than a diode drop to an op-amp with differential input clamping diodes, one of the diodes between the noninverting and inverting inputs will conduct, shorting the two inputs together.

What happens when an open loop amplifier is used as a comparator?

However, when an open-loop amplifier is used as a comparator, with its outputs swinging between their limits, its internal compensation capacitance—used to provide dynamic stability—causes the output to be slow to come out of saturation and slew through its output range.

What is an operational amplifier (op amp)?

A. Overall, the operational amplifier (op amp) is optimized to provide accuracy and stability (both dc and dynamic) for a specified linear range of output values in precision closed-loop (feedback) circuits.

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