Can COMAC C919 ever reach full rate production?

Can COMAC C919 ever reach full rate production?

The Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China’s (Comac) C919 narrowbody development program is no exception. As a point of comparison, it took veteran aircraft-maker Boeing, with many times the experience of Comac, nine years from entry into service of its 787 widebody to reach full-rate annual production of 158 787s in 2019.

How many 737 did Ryanair order?

The order Ryanair placed in late 2020 brought its 737 MAX order book to 210 units. Deliveries are scheduled to run through 2025, helping the airline grow its fleet from around 470 aircraft last year to 600 by the summer of 2025. With this order, Ryanair satisfied its new aircraft needs for the next several years.

What engine is used in C919?

CFM International LEAPComac C919 / Engine type

The aircraft, primarily constructed with aluminium alloys, is to be powered by either CFM International LEAP or ACAE CJ-1000A turbofan engines, and be able to carry 156 to 168 passengers in a normal operating configuration up to 5,555 km (3000 nmi).

Why does Ryanair only use Boeing 737?

Plain speaking about our planes. Ryanair only use Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This streamlined fleet helps us to keep costs down and safety standards up. This expansion means that by 2024 we’ll have over 520 planes in operation and we’ll be able to carry 160 million passengers a year.

Is the Boeing 737 MAX safe?

It was cleared to fly passengers again by US regulators last year, having been grounded following two catastrophic accidents. Since then, however, a number of potentially serious problems have been reported during 737 Max flights. Boeing insists the aircraft is both safe and reliable.

What engine does C919 use?

How many C919 planes has China ordered?

“China’s COMAC says signs 130 orders for C919 passenger jet”. reuters. Archived from the original on 23 September 2017. Retrieved 23 September 2017. ^ a b “China’s ICBC Financial Leasing orders 55 C919 planes”.

What airlines have ordered Comac C919?

At the November 2010 Zhuhai Airshow, Comac announced orders for 55 C919 aircraft from six airlines, with an additional 45 options. The purchasing airlines or lessors included China Eastern Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, CDB Leasing Company, and GE Capital Aviation Services.

When will the C919 offer competition to Airbus?

In June 2011, COMAC and Irish low-cost airline Ryanair signed an agreement to co-operate on the development of the C919. In 2012 Airbus ‘ chief strategist Marwan Lahoud assumed that the aircraft would offer competition to Airbus by 2020.

How many C919 passenger aircraft has CCB Financial Leasing ordered?

^ “CCB Financial Leasing orders 50 C919 passenger aircraft”. 19 September 2012. Archived from the original on 21 April 2017. Retrieved 20 April 2017. ^ “400 orders for C919 show sky-high confidence”. 29 October 2013.

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