Can I get aligners online?

Can I get aligners online?

When you purchase your aligners online from a reputable company, a licensed dental professional such as a dentist or orthodontist will review your case and consult with you remotely, through teledentistry. This means that you can receive quality dental care on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

Can Invisalign be ordered online?

You might be wondering why Invisalign, arguably the most popular provider of clear aligners, isn’t on this list. That’s because Invisalign isn’t a direct-to-consumer company, so you must go through an orthodontist to get fitted for the Invisalign aligner system and treated with Invisalign invisible braces.

Can you get aligners without going to the dentist?

Yes! With remote teledentistry, you can straighten teeth without traditional metal braces without monthly in-office visits and under the guidance of a state licensed dentist or orthodontist. SmileDirectClub aligners move teeth into place month by month like a puzzle, straightening smiles in an average of 4-6 months.

Which online aligner is best?

We’ve picked the five best invisible braces currently on the market.

  1. Byte –Best Overall. Special offers : New Years Sale! Get Straighter Teeth with Byte!
  2. AlignerCo –Best for Affordability. Feature. Description.
  3. Invisalign –Best Evidence-Based Aligner. Feature. Description.
  4. Candid –Best Remote Treatment. Feature. Description.

Is Alignerco legit?

Is ALIGNERCO legit? Yes, ALIGNERCO is a legit company. While they are a newer brand of at-home aligners, many reviews show that they provide quality care and have a responsive customer service team.

Can you get Invisalign through the mail?

Some companies allow you to send them an impression of your teeth, and they’ll simply mail custom, Invisalign-like aligners to you. The main selling point of these services is that they tend to cost less than orthodontics you receive from a dentist.

Is byte any good?

Effective. Byte is every bit as effective as many other straightening systems like Invisalign. In fact, it works more rapidly than many others, as their treatment time is only 2-4 months on average. However, you should know up-front that Byte isn’t for severe dental issues.

How long does it take Alignerco to ship?

From the day we receive workable teeth impressions, a smile projection will be sent to you in about 3 weeks. After you approve and pay for the Aligners, they will be sent to you in about 4-5 weeks. So the whole process normally takes 7-8 weeks, unless there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Do I bite down on HyperByte?

How much pressure should I apply? No need to clench your teeth or bite down super hard! Just grasp the HyperByte enough for it to not slip out. Think of it as the same amount of pressure you’d apply when smiling for a photo.

Why choose dental aligners over retainers?

Be part of the evolution. Dental aligners are the ideal option to correct minor crowding, rotational issues and relapse. Unlike retainers, which are designed to maintain the teeth position for years after orthodontic treatment, dental aligners gradually adjust teeth to a desired position during the course of treatment.

Do teeth aligners or braces work best for teeth crowding?

Both options work best for cases of mild to moderate crowding. SmileDirectClub’s aligners straighten teeth without buttons, attachments, or teeth filings. Unlike with metal braces, your teen will be able to eat their favorite foods and maintain good oral health habits like brushing and flossing without brackets in the way.

What are your aligners made in the USA?

All our aligners are Made in America using Comfort Sense ™ technology, and constructed of BPA-free plastic with a natural-looking matte finish. All work best for cases of mild to moderate spacing or crowding. All straighten teeth without the use of buttons, attachments, or teeth filings.

Why choose Sun dental labs for your aligners?

With quick access to digital records, you can easily make aligner modifications tailored to meet each patient’s orthodontic treatment needs. Sun Dental Labs’ technology ensures swift processing, so your patients can begin to see results faster than ever. We provide dental aligners to fit any shape and application.

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