Can I own a snake in NSW?

Can I own a snake in NSW?

You can keep some native dragons, geckos, lizards, snakes and turtles as pets. However, under NSW law, you may only own native reptiles bred in captivity which have been bought from a licenced breeder or dealer. You can find a full list of native companion reptiles by clicking here.

Can you buy snakes online Australia?

Purchasing a reptile in NSW requires you to hold a current reptile keepers licence. Reptile Licences can be obtained online at or in store.

What snakes are legal to own in Australia?

There are four categories of licences ranging from category 2 to category 5 (there is no category 1). Owners must be aged over 18 from category 3 upwards. Suitable starter snakes are the Stimson’s python, the South-west carpet python and the woma python (also known as Ramsay’s python and sand python).

Do you need a licence to own a snake in NSW?

In New South Wales, native reptiles are protected by law. It’s illegal to take a reptile from the wild or release an unwanted one back into the wild. If you want to purchase a reptile, it needs to be bought from a licensed dealer or broker. Licensing helps protect our species and keeps owners and their animals safe.

What do you need to own a snake in NSW?

Native reptiles such as lizards, snakes and turtles need special care and can only be bought from a licensed pet shop or licensed animal keeper. Only reptiles bred in captivity can be legally bought and sold. You’ll need to buy your native reptile pet from a licensed pet shop or licensed animal keeper.

Can you own a crocodile in NSW?

There are two species of crocodiles that may be kept as pets – saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles. Both need similar conditions in captivity. To keep a crocodile you must get a permit to keep protected wildlife. You must keep the crocodile in an enclosure that follows the housing crocodiles guidelines.

Do you need a reptile Licence for a gecko NSW?

Some native snakes, lizards, geckos, dragons and turtles can be kept as pets as long as you have a licence. It is illegal to keep exotic (non-native) reptiles. …

Can I have a pet snake?

Several species are commonly kept as pets including king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, various pythons (particularly ball pythons), and various boa constrictors (especially the common boa constrictor). Most snakes sold as pets are easy to handle and are usually not aggressive.

Are milk snakes legal in Australia?

Milk snakes are native to the Americas and illegal in Australia, but a common pet in the US. The snake was reported to the Commonwealth and it is understood the animal will be put down.

What do you need to own a snake?

We will talk about cages, heating devices, cage furniture, and a few other items you may need for your pet snake.

  1. The Snake Cage.
  2. Heating Devices.
  3. Snake Hides.
  4. Water Bowls.
  5. Choosing a Substrate for Your Pet.
  6. Lighting Products.
  7. A Quick Recap.
  8. Hooks, Tongs and Other Tools for Pet Snakes.

Are pythons safe pets?

Ball pythons are among the most popular pet snakes. They are good beginner snakes because they are docile and easy to care. Housing for a ball python can vary from simple to elaborate. The most important thing is that you follow several rules and check in on your pet often to ensure it appears to look and act healthy.

What is the most deadly snake in Australia?

The coastal taipan is a native snake species of Australia that inhabits the country’s eastern and northern coastal areas. It is among the world’s most venomous terrestrial snakes with a murine LD50 of 0.099mg/kg.

What are the poisonous snakes in Australia?

]Rattlesnake. I know that many of you are surprised to see Rattlesnake in the first position.

  • ]King Cobra. King Cobra species is the most venomous snake in the world,and you can find one in India subcontinent forests.
  • ]Black Mamba.
  • ]Eastern Brown Snake.
  • ]Indian Krait.
  • ]Boomslang.
  • ]Puff Adder.
  • ]Coral Snake.
  • ]Tiger Snake.
  • ]Philippine Cobra.
  • What types of snakes live in Australia?

    Home Geography Australia. How Many Types of Venomous Snakes Live in Australia? Out of the 140 species of land snake and 30 additional species of sea snake that are native to Australia, approximately 100 are venomous. The two most venomous snakes in the world, the Inland Taipan and the Eastern Brown Snake, both live in Australia.

    What venomous snakes live in Australia?

    Inland Taipan. The inland taipan inhabits the semi-arid parts of central east Australia.

  • Dubois’s Seasnake. The Dubois’ seasnake inhabits the coasts of the Coral,Timor,and Arafura Seas,and the Indian Ocean in Australia,Papua New Guinea,and New Caledonia.
  • Eastern Brown Snake.
  • Yellow Bellied Sea Snake.
  • Peron’s Sea Snake.
  • Coastal Taipan.
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