Can I put a gate on my driveway?

Can I put a gate on my driveway?

If you’re looking to update or upgrade your property and driveway, then installing a driveway gate is the perfect way to do it. With just a simple addition to your exterior, you can add a touch of elegance to your property easily, all whilst upping your security.

Can I put a gate on my driveway UK?

Gates and permitted development If your gates open onto a private road or an unadopted road, then you can erect a gate system that is up to 2 metres high without planning permission. Put simply, if you are replacing a gate with another gate that is of the same height or less, you won’t need permission.

How high can front gates be?

These guidelines state that the infrastructure cannot be over one metre high if it is located next to a highway that vehicles commonly utilize. If the infrastructure is not located next to a highway, it cannot exceed two metres in height.

Does a front gate add value?

Adding a gate to the front of your property is about more than mere aesthetics — believe it or not, simply adding a gate can boost your home’s value by as much as $50,000 or more. A gated entrance boosts a home’s value in many ways, enhancing its overall curb appeal and adding an undeniable air of luxury.

What is Lilydale topping for driveways?

The Lilydale topping for driveways is a classic and great looking driveway material made from crushed rock and limestone marble. It is a driveway topping well suited to flat driveways and will compact naturally due to the lime within the crushed rock for best results.

Where can I buy driveway and path toppings?

Wallington’s WRG stocks a range of driveway and path toppings including Tuscan, Coastal Lime and Coastal Brown toppings. Driveway toppings are an attractive alternative to pavers or concrete. Bring your trailer to our landscaping and rural supply store, or organise to have your choice of toppings delivered by us any day of the week.

What are the pros and cons of gravel or Lilydale topping?

As with all options, there are some negatives too: Gravel or Lilydale topping offers you less control over the structural design of your driveways and paths. Both toppings require extensive maintenance. Nothing is fixed, and you will need to continually add more toppings to keep everything looking good and at the correct level.

What is the cheapest way to level a driveway or path?

Gravel or Lilydale topping is likely to be the cheapest option for your driveway or paths. Installing gravel or Lilydale topping is a quick and easy process—all you need to do is pour the gravel into the driveway or path and level it out. As with all options, there are some negatives too:

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