Can I Rewax my Barbour?

Can I Rewax my Barbour?

Here at Barbour, we recommend you re-wax your waxed jacket at least once a year (with regular use of your jacket). Re-waxing consists of reapplying a wax coating all over the jacket to ensure it remains resilient and weather-resistant, so you can rely on your jacket for the very best protection.

How do you recondition a wax jacket?

Let Barbour do Your Re-Wax

  1. Clean your jacket. Clean the jacket using cold water and a sponge to wipe down the outside of the jacket.
  2. Soften the wax. Take a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing.
  3. Wax your jacket.
  4. Dry your jacket.
  5. Re-wax your jacket once a year.

How long do wax jackets last?

Depending on how fondly you wear your Dry Wax, these jackets only have to be re-waxed every 6-10 years!

Are Barbour wax jackets waterproof?

Longevity – A Barbour jacket is made to last a lifetime; cared for properly, many will see use by multiple generations. They do it to make their waxed cotton jackets fully waterproof, plain and simple (or not). It’s another benchmark of the excellence we find so appealing about Barbour.

Can you put a patch on waxed canvas?

The wax coating on waxed canvas prevents glue from sticking reliably. Rather than gluing, your best bet is to have a tailor sew or stitch your patches onto the waxed canvas. Use a clip instead, or be sure to keep the pin holes inside the area you’ll be stitching (so puncture holes are covered by the patch).

How do you remove Mould from oilskins?

If your oilskin coat is completely covered in mould, soak it in lukewarm water with vinegar. The vinegar will not only disinfect the coat but will eradicate mould infestation on your garment. To avoid mould from forming on your oilskin items, store them in a dry and well-ventilated space.

How do I stop my Barbour jacket from smelling?

It’s pretty simple: two cups white vinegar and one cup hydrogen peroxide. Toss all that in a big bucket of hot water, grab yourself a sponge that you might normally use to wash your car — but not one you actually used to wash your car, that would be gross — and wipe down the Barbour on the inside and out.

Are Barbour jackets high quality?

Barbour makes jackets that are not only good to look at for decades, but built to withstand whatever kind of nonsense you throw at it over that time, too. Like a perfect pair of jeans, their natural fabrics only get better, more personalized, and more alive, with age.

Can I get my Barbour jacket re-waxed?

We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their beloved Barbour jacket* at any time to be re-waxed, repaired or altered. We recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually depending on wear and use a small re-wax for accessories which include waxed cotton hoods, belts and dog coats.

What is the comprehensive repair and re-waxing service Barbour offer?

*Please note that the comprehensive repair and re-waxing service we offer is for Barbour Waxed Cotton garments only. For more information about this service, please visit our FAQ’s page.

Can you repair or re-wax a wax garment?

In the majority of cases we can successfully repair and re-wax a wax garment, however some items are simply beyond repair because they are too damaged or are outside of our allocated time to provide and complete a repair. If this applies to your wax garment our customer service team will contact you and return your garment.

How do I pay for a re-wax/reproof or alteration?

Shipping charge is per item. On receipt of your jacket our inspection team will confirm if the re-wax, reproof or alteration request can be processed and if so, our Customer Service team will provide you with a quote to be paid over the phone via credit card or by check in the mail with the item (s).

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