Can I still use my Edgars card at medicross?

Can I still use my Edgars card at medicross?

These benefits are to be marketed to the Club’s one million members countrywide and are redeemable from participating Netcare Group companies. These include Medicross and Prime Cure Medi-Clinics, Netcare Hospital Emergency rooms, Storks Nest Clinics in addition to Stanley & de Kock and Millers Optometrists.

Is medicross a private hospital?

Medicross strives to provide you with the best and safest person care through our comprehensive range of private primary medical, dental and complementary healthcare services.

Does medicross do blood tests?

We provide fast and efficient turnaround times in a modern medical centre with state-of-the-art medical equipment to support resting and stress EGCs and lung function tests. Blood tests can also be done conveniently at our in-house pathology departments whilst complying with all LOA protocols.

Who is medicross?

Medicross is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netcare Limited, which has been listed on the main board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1996. Netcare operates the largest private hospital, primary healthcare, emergency medical services and frenal care networks in South Africa.

Can you give birth at medicross?

There is a choice between private and semi-private en-suite accommodation to suit expectant mothers’ individual needs. The unit also has a nursery, two first-stage delivery rooms, two delivery rooms and a dedicated caesarean theatre to ensure fast and effective emergency intervention if needed.

Can I go to Netcare without medical aid?

Our product gives you affordable, all-inclusive cover for a planned procedure with a trusted NetcarePlus provider, and is perfect if you have no medical aid.

How much is the CT scan in South Africa?

An abdominal CT scan in South Africa was the most expensive out of 10 countries. At R3 800 on average, it was four and a half times as much as the cheapest country, Argentina, twice the price Chileans pay, R1? 000 more than in New Zealand and almost R300 more expensive than in Switzerland.

Who is the owner of Netcare?

Dr Richard Friedland

Type Public limited company
Industry Hospital management
Founded 1996
Headquarters Sandton, Johannesburg , South Africa
Key people Thevendrie Brewer (Chairman) Dr Richard Friedland (CEO)

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