Can you camp in the Zion Narrows?

Can you camp in the Zion Narrows?

Getting a permit is the most difficult part of planning your overnight backpacking trip through the Zion Narrows. There are only 12 campsites in the Narrows, meaning only 12 backcountry permits are issued for each day. To make a reservation, visit Zion’s online Wilderness Reservation System.

Can you camp anywhere in Zion National Park?

Camping is permitted in designated campsites, but not in pullouts or parking lots. From mid-March through late November the campgrounds are full almost every night. Reservations at Watchman Campground (Call 877-444-6777 or visit are recommended if you would like to guarantee a camping spot.

Is there dispersed camping near Zion National Park?

Dispersed camping near Zion National Park is plentiful due to the abundance of surrounding BLM lands. You can find dispersed camping, boondocking, and free camping just minutes away from the park entrance.

What shoes to wear for Narrows hike?

Hiking The Narrows: Footwear A trusty pair of fast drying hiking boots or trail running shoes will do the trick! My Merrell All Out Crush shoes gripped the river bottom great and drained the water right out. If you’re trying to keep your feet totally dry, good luck!

Can you wear water shoes in the Narrows?

Hiking in the river is challenging, and it’s easy to roll an ankle or smash a toe. Sandals or other open-toe shoes will not protect your toes from getting crushed between the rocks as your feet slide around. You’ll want shoes that will drain out the river water so that you don’t hold onto all of the water weight.

Is there BLM land near Zion National Park?

At 445 acres, LaVerkin Creek is the largest of four BLM managed Wilderness areas that border Zion National Park. Access to this Wilderness is difficult as the area is surrounded by private property on its western, eastern, and northern borders, and is remotely located at the northern boundary of the National Park.

Can I wear Chacos to hike the Narrows?

Instead here’s a little peek at life lately: including our time in Zion and hiking The Narrows in Chacos. Yes, it can be done! Instead I figured I would share just a little peek at what life has looked like lately; so here’s a little 5 on Friday fun!

Do you need special shoes for the Narrows?

You’ll want shoes that will drain out the river water so that you don’t hold onto all of the water weight. You can rent special shoes and socks for The Narrows here. Quick-dry clothing — be sure to wear clothing that will dry quickly.

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