Can you drive to Ptarmigan Lake?

Can you drive to Ptarmigan Lake?

Another route to Ptarmigan Lake is via Chaffee County Road 344. This road requires a 4-wheel-drive high clearance vehicle, but greatly reduces the hiking length. At Cottonwood Lake, travel four miles on CR 344 to Grassy Gulch Road (Road 349). The road up Grassy Gulch is a much rougher 4WD road than CR 344.

Where is Ptarmigan Lake?

About 15 miles west of Buena Vista, Ptarmigan Lake is a remote lake that sits at 12,147 feet in elevation above Chaffee County, Colorado.

Is Ptarmigan Wall an arete?

Turning right and continuing on the Ptarmigan Trail will lead hikers to the Ptarmigan Tunnel. The Ptarmigan Wall, towering more than 1700 feet above the trail at this point, is known as an arête, which is defined as a thin ridge of rock separating two valleys that have been carved by glaciers.

Is Ptarmigan Lake Trail open?

The hike to Ptarmigan Lake is one of the nicest hikes around the Arkansas Valley. The trail climbs gradually from forest to alpine and ends at a beautiful alpine lake. Observant hikers might see Rocky Mountain goats near the trail….Day Hiking.

Status: Open
Difficulty Level: Easy

What mountain is Cottonwood Pass on?

Exploring Cottonwood Pass in the Rocky Mountains (in the Fall!) As one of the few easily accessible routes through the Sawatch Range of Colorado, Cottonwood Pass is a great introduction to the beauty and adventure that awaits you.

Is Ptarmigan Lake trail open?

What highway is Cottonwood Pass?

Highway 395
From US Highway 395, in Lone Pine, CA: Turn west on Whitney Portal Road. Turn south on Horseshoe Meadow Road. The road climbs to about 10,000 feet elevation in approximately 15 miles, and ends at Horseshoe Meadows.

Where is Ptarmigan Tunnel?

Ptarmigan Tunnel
Location Glacier National Park, Glacier County, Montana, USA
Nearest city West Glacier, Montana
Coordinates 48°50′57″N 113°42′28″WCoordinates: 48°50′57″N 113°42′28″W
Built 1930

Why was the Ptarmigan Tunnel built?

The 240-foot Ptarmigan Tunnel was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930s for horses and some early park tours. Breaking through the mountain took about three months, with workers using steel jackhammers to drill from either side of the tunnel.

How long does it take to do Ptarmigan Cirque?

2.5 to 3 hours
Distance: The full Ptarmigan Cirque Loop is 4.5 kilometres and takes 2.5 to 3 hours, depending how often you stop to take pictures, which you can expect to do every two minutes.

How high is Ptarmigan Cirque?

Kananaskis Country

Fresh snow on trail, with accumulations possibly over 30cm’s, November 16.
Elevation Profile 210 m / 700 ft m
Type: Interpretive Trail Loop
Group Size Limit: 15 (Permit information)

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