Can you go on holiday to Corsica?

Can you go on holiday to Corsica?

Can I go on holiday to Corsica in the winter? A. Yes however the island is seasonal and most hotels are open from April to September/October. However, we do offer some hotels which are open all year round and some hotels and apartments that open earlier to take advantage of the lovely spring weather.

Is Corsica a good family holiday destination?

Corsica is a fabulous family-friendly holiday destination, with plenty of things to do for children of all ages.

Where is Corsica holidays?

A French island sitting off the coast of France and Italy, Corsica offers beautiful mountain views and great weather to match.

What is Corsica known for?

Corsica has outstanding assets in its climate, scenery, and magnificent coastline, all of which promote tourism. The island’s network of paved roads is adequate, and a railway links Ajaccio, Bastia, and Calvi. Corsica is connected by air and sea with continental France.

Can you fly direct to Corsica from UK?

If you’re looking for a summer holiday somewhere beautiful and a little bit quieter, book one of our direct flights to Corsica from London. British Airways operates seasonal flights to Corsica during summer. We fly to both Figari airport, in the south of the island and Bastia airport, in the north.

How long is the ferry from Rome to Corsica?

Duration of the ferry journey The duration of the journey: About 3 hours to Bastia; About 5 hours to Porto Vecchio.

How many days should I spend in Corsica?

You can spend as long as you want Corsica as there is so much to see (we spent 10 days but I could have easily stayed there all summer…). I’d advise going for at least 14 days if you want to go around the WHOLE island.

How do I get to Corsica from UK?

The best way to get from England to Corsica without a car is to train and ferry via Lyon which takes 20h 41m and costs £230 – £650.

How many days do you need in Corsica?

Why go on a Corsica holiday?

But Corsica holidays are about much more than living in the past. The landscape is strikingly diverse. Within half an hour’s drive you can go from glittering bays and pristine beaches to sawtooth mountain ridges, verdant valleys, vertiginous pine forests and hilltop villages.

Where is Corsica located?

A French island sitting off the coast of France and Italy, Corsica offers beautiful mountain views and great weather to match. As well as picturesque sights, Corsica boasts charming coastal towns, vast stretches of green forest and an eclectic mix of French and Italian culture.

What’s the nightlife like in Corsica?

On most Corsica holidays, life in the evening involves nothing more lively than a relaxing meal at an outdoor table. But thats not to say theres no nightlife at all on the island; the established resorts all have plenty of venues that stay open after dark.

Where are the best beaches in Corsica?

Palombaggia – Close to the town Porto-Vecchio, Palombaggia is one of the most sought-after beaches in Corsica. It has a crystal-clear lagoon-like cove, making a great for families to take a paddle.

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