Can you select Optgroup?

Can you select Optgroup?

From Select2 docs: “Furthermore, elements cannot be made selectable. This is a limitation of the HTML specification and is not a limitation that Select2 can overcome.”

What does Optgroup tag mean?

The tag is used to group related options in a > element (drop-down list). If you have a long list of options, groups of related options are easier to handle for a user.

How do I make a mat Optgroup selectable?

An optgroup can’t be made selectable. Only mat-option can be selected. But we can use a workaround by keeping all items in the select as mat-options and add some custom style to differentiate groups. You can refer the accepted answer for a similar question from this link.

What does the Optgroup element do?

The HTML element creates a grouping of options within a element.

How do I hide Optgroup labels?

When you want to ‘hide’ some optgroup, just ‘park’ it in this hidden select. $(‘#VehicleVehicleCategoryId optgroup[label=”kategorie L”]’). appendTo(“#parkingLot”); Same way you can make it visible.

How do I make my mat option selected?

To add options to the select, add elements to the . Each has a value property that can be used to set the value that will be selected if the user chooses this option. The content of the is what will be shown to the user.

How do I get mat selected value?

To add elements to Select option, we need to use element and to bind value with , use value property of it. To set and get a value for , use value , ngModel , formControl and formControlName property.

What is the purpose of HTML web form?

A webform, web form or HTML form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. Forms can resemble paper or database forms because web users fill out the forms using checkboxes, radio buttons, or text fields.

What is the Fieldset tag used for?

The tag in HTML5 is used to make a group of related elements in the form, and it creates the box over the elements. The tag is new in HTML5. The tag is used to define the title for the child’s contents. The legend elements are the parent element.

How do I hide Optgroup in select?

How do I get my mat selected value?

What is the use of optgroup?

Definition and Usage. The is used to group related options in a drop-down list. If you have a long list of options, groups of related options are easier to handle for a user.

How to use tag with in HTML?

Using tag with makes easier to access the dropdown list especially if list has large number of options. If it is set then options of that optgroup will be disabled. It defines the label for the group which will be displayed in the drop-down list. It is required attribute.

How many optgroup levels can an optgroup have?

Instead, only one optgroup level is allowed . However, they do have to say the following on the subject: Note. Implementors are advised that future versions of HTML may extend the grouping mechanism to allow for nested groups (i.e., OPTGROUP elements may nest). This will allow authors to represent a richer hierarchy of choices.

Can optgroup elements be nested?

Note: Optgroup elements may not be nested. This element includes the global attributes. If this Boolean attribute is set, none of the items in this option group is selectable. Often browsers grey out such control and it won’t receive any browsing events, like mouse clicks or focus-related ones.

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