Can you split stereo track?

Can you split stereo track?

You can instead choose to split a stereo track into two mono tracks. Note that in this case both mono chanels are center-panned – different to the hard left and right panning that you get when you make a simple split of a stereo track.

How do you convert a stereo track to mono?

How to convert a stereo audio file to mono using Audacity

  1. Click the down arrow on the track to open the menu.
  2. In the menu that drops down, select Split Stereo to Mono.
  3. Click X to delete one of the two tracks.
  4. To save the new mono audio file, click File.
  5. Click Export to save file in a specific format.

How do I change a stereo track to mono in Cubase?

Converting a Selection From Stereo to Mono

  1. Make a stereo selection in the wave window.
  2. Select File > New.
  3. Select Audio File > From Current File.
  4. Select one of the following options: To mix the left and right stereo channels when converting to mono, click Mono Mixdown.

How do I split an audio channel?

Split stereo audio channels

  1. right-click the clip and choose Detach Audio.
  2. double-click the new audio clip to seek to its beginning and select it.
  3. right-click the new audio clip and choose Copy.
  4. right-click in empty space (or use the menu button on the Timeline toolbar) and choose Add Audio Track.

How do you convert mono to stereo Cubase?

What does mix stereo down to mono mean?

Mix Stereo Down to Mono Converts the selected stereo track(s) into the same number of mono tracks, combining left and right channels equally by averaging the volume of both channels.

How do I make a mono track in Cubase?

Select the Output tab and click on the Add Bus button. You will be presented with a dialog box where you can enter the number of buses that you need, and their configuration. To add a mono bus output, select the Mono option from the drop-down list. The mono bus will be added in the list of outputs that are available.

How do I split a track into 2 mono tracks?

If you’re finished with quantization and any other editing, you could split into 2 mono tracks via Project > Convert Tracks > Multi-Channel to Mono… But if you want to keep the source track around as a stereo track, you could do some more complex routing with sends (or multiple direct output routing).

What happens when you split a stereo track into two tracks?

If you split a stereo track, the resulting mono tracks are panned hard left and hard right, using the standard stereo panner. If you split a multi-channel track and this track is routed to an output bus, a group channel, or an FX channel with corresponding child busses, all resulting mono tracks are routed to their assigned channels.

How does the split operation work?

The tracks are split into as many mono tracks as corresponds to the channel configuration of the source track. All channel settings of the source tracks are copied to the tracks created by the split operation. The multi-channel audio material of the source track is split into mono events, which are inserted on the new tracks.

How do I split a track into multiple channels?

This is useful if you want to use the tracks in an application that only supports mono tracks or if you want to edit individual channels of a multi-channel file. In the Project window, select the track that you want to split. Select Project > Convert Tracks > Multi-Channel to Mono.

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