Can you use a hand-me-down carseat?

Can you use a hand-me-down carseat?

Car seats. Unless the seat’s history can be 100 percent verified to make sure it’s never been in a serious crash, though, it’s best to pass on hand-me-down car seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has standards that should be met before a car seat is reused after an accident.

Is it safe to use a hand-me-down crib?

There can also be loads of sentimental appeal to using a crib that’s been passed down through your family. But hand-me-downs may not be safe, especially if they’re more than 10 years old. These requirements include stronger mattress supports and crib slats, extremely durable crib hardware and rigorous safety testing.

Are Hand-Me-Downs good?

Hand-me-downs will help your child grow to appreciate the value of things in life. Being the contributor, or even the recipient, of a hand-me-down provides a valuable lesson in sharing for your child. Encourage your child to help sort through their belongings for items that can be donated and shared.

Can you use hand-me-down bottle nipples?

Pacifiers and Bottle Nipples If someone hands you a box of used pacifiers that are discolored and worn down, you can probably pass on that baby hand-me-down. It’s the same situation when you’re looking at old bottle nipples. If they have even a tiny tear, there could be germs and other nasty microbes trapped in there.

How do I deal with hand-me-downs?

Her advice for dealing with a new box of hand-me-downs? Open it and consider each item one by one. Keep anything that is a “strong yes” and will fit into your single “up-and-coming” bin. Pass along anything that produces a negative reaction in any way—don’t wait to see if it could possibly work.

How do you sanitize hand me down clothes?

To do so, soak in a mixture of warm water and baby-safe detergent (just follow the directions on the label), then be sure to rinse thoroughly. Air dry as you would with machine-washed clothing until completely moisture-free.

Can babies wear hand me down shoes?

Baby shoes may be exempt from the “no hand-me-down” rule, since they generally aren’t able to run around and break down footwear as much as older kids. So they may outgrow their shoes with very little wear and tear.

Should you wash Hand Me Down Baby Clothes?

It is definitely advisable to wash second-hand baby clothes before putting them on your little one or storing them for future use. Even if clothes have just been washed by the person giving them to you, it’s important to wash them again with your own detergent to avoid any adverse reactions.

How do I accept hand-me-downs?

Things Moms Should Never Do When Accepting Hand-Me-Downs

  1. Don’t take what you won’t use.
  2. Don’t be grabby.
  3. Don’t forget to express appreciation in proportion to what you took.
  4. Don’t forget to ask if they want big items back.
  5. Don’t ask for something you aren’t going to end up taking.

Is it wrong to sell hand-me-downs?

Don’t sell the items – when you’re no longer using them, it’s unacceptable to try and sell someone else’s baby items such as clothes, toys, cots, and prams to make a profit for yourself. Only gift clothes in good condition – be meticulous when checking over the quality of the toys and clothes you hand down.

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