Can you use a rode mic as a boom?

Can you use a rode mic as a boom?

Boomed shotgun mics are my preferred method of recording audio. In this video from Indy Mogul, shows a simple way to get the mic off the camera, and boomed wirelessly using the Saramonic UwMic9 (review). But, it should work with almost any wireless microphone set, including Rode’s own FilmMaker Kit.

Can I use rode VideoMic for podcasting?

MOBILE PODCAST The VideoMic Me range offers an ideal solution for anyone who wants to record a one-person podcast on a mobile. These compact microphones plug directly into any smartphone, vastly improving audio quality while being incredibly easy to use.

Can you plug a rode mic into a computer?

Using a VideoMic as a Desktop Mic You could also connect the mic direct to your computer using a SC4 adapter. These are usually TRS so you won’t actually need to use any adapters to connect your VideoMic. If your computer uses a combined headphone/mic input (or headset input), you’ll need to use the SC4 adapter.

What microphones do boom rods use?

2. Wind Protection: Most boom microphones used in video and television productions are powered condenser mics that are typically very sensitive and can pick up even subtle or nuanced sounds, including HVAC, wind or other air movements quite easily.

How does a gin pole work?

A gin pole is a supported pole that uses a pulley or block and tackle on its upper end to lift loads. The lower end is braced or set in a shallow hole and positioned so the upper end lies above the object to be lifted. These are manipulated to move the load laterally, with up and down controlled by the pulley or block.

What is a boom pole for tractors?

A boom pole is simply a steel pole that is attached to your Three point Hitch (TPH) and functions as a small crane. While it cannot lift real high or a lot of weight compared to a crane, it can sure lift a lot more than you can.

What is the rode boompole?

The RODE Boompole is a precision balanced professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade, lightweight aluminum Allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source

Can the VideoMic be mounted on a boom pole?

Its standard sized shoe mount also includes a 3/8″ thread in the base for easy mounting on a boom pole or stand. By employing a super-cardioid polar pattern the VideoMic becomes highly directional, focusing on the subject in front of the camera, and minimising any surrounding sounds.

What is the boom pole used for?

The boom pole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source. Compatible microphones: NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-3, NT4, NT5, NT55, M3″

Can I use an XLR cable in a boom pole?

You can fit an XLR cable into the boom pole, but some cables can’t fit. (And it is a bit jank.) Make sure the XLR cable connector you have doesn’t go much over a 3/4″ diameter otherwise you might find it difficult to fit. Protip: Fit the male side of the XLR cable into the base of the pole first.

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