Can you use Six Flags visa?

Can you use Six Flags visa?

Six Flags Great Adventure accepts card and mobile payments only at all locations including restaurants, retail stores, games, ticket windows, and parking toll booths. You can either pay for purchases using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a debit card.

Do Six Flags Visa cards work outside of Six Flags?

No, Six Flags gift cards may only be used at a Six Flags park.

Can you use Six Flags Visa cards anywhere?

All major forms of payment including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Debit cards can be used. The pre-paid VISA cards are valid anywhere in the U.S. where VISA is accepted.

Can you’re enter Six Flags with a season pass?

When you return, you must enter through the main entrance turnstiles and show the hand stamp for re-entry. This applies to Season Pass Holders as well—Season Passes are only valid to scan once per day. Without the proper hand—stamp re—entry will not be allowed.

Can I use my Six Flags thrill capital card anywhere?

— September 17, 2020 — Six Flags Over Georgia, the Thrill Capital of the South, today announced a safer and faster payment experience using Card and Mobile Payments only beginning September 18. The prepaid card can be used anywhere in the U.S. where VISA is accepted.

Is there reentry at Great America?

Re-entry tickets are available at designated turnstiles upon exit. One parking lot re-entry is permitted by showing your parking ticket at the tollbooths.

Can you bring a Juul to Six Flags?

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a smoke-free environment. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), is permitted only in areas identified as Designated Smoking Areas.

What are the rules for re-entry to Six Flags?

When guests return to the park, they must enter through the re-entry gate with a proper hand stamp. Transferring hand stamps is a violation of Six Flags policies and is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices are not allowed inside Six Flags parks.

Can I get a replacement Six Flags season pass card?

Replacement Season Pass and Membership cards are available for free at the park. Bring a picture ID with you to Guest Relations on your next visit to the park and they will provide you with a new card. If I buy a Season Pass at one Six Flags park, can I activate it at another? No.

What is the security like at Six Flags America?

GUEST SAFETY. Guests must pass through an electronic security screening system at the Front Gate turnstiles. Six Flags America reserves the right to inspect all packages, purses, backpacks and fanny packs prior to entering the park. Sharp objects, weapons and illegal contraband are not permitted into the park.

Do I have to make advance reservations for Six Flags rewards?

Advance reservations may be required, and we may limit the number of simultaneous reservations a Pass Holder can make/hold. Six Flags Rewards is available to all eligible Season Pass Holders and Members age 13 and over.

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