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directeur de casting, chef de file Partie1 : Fiches métiers

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The Casting Director and The Leader


After several weeks, since the release of the article on : the business of cinema, this is the second article of presentation of a profession : the casting director and the Leader.

If you miss the first article on ; the crafts of cinema, you can access it here. The business presented was : the assistant operator.

In this new article I will attempt to answer all the questions : A casting director what is it ? what is it used for ? How does one become a casting director or leader ? The curriculum ? Etc…

I also decided to go further in this presentation (just like the article on the assistant operator). I’ve already talked in a previous article and I think it would be very helpful for me to make you discover people (colleagues) who hold positions in which I speak to you. There is no better way to learn than to listen to (read) a guy or a girl who already does this job. This is why the next few weeks I will introduce you to a casting director and his assistant(e).

In this way you will know : What route does he/ she have ? How does it see/does it its job ? What are the challenges, victories, etc…

Beyond the explanation “trivial” of each post, I’ll introduce you to those that are already in place thanks to an interview ;o) remember you, I present Julien Richez a few weeks ago ;o)

But before that, I’ll explain what these occupations are : the casting director and the head of the queue.

What is the role of a casting director ?

The casting director is hired by the production to find and propose the actors to the directors. Often the producer already has an idea of some of the actors he desires. If this is not the case, the goal of the casting director is to find the best actors, that is to say those which correspond more to the role. It is always the developer who decides.

Once the main players are chosen, the work of the casting director does not stop there. It must also find all the other roles of the film (actors, side, silhouettes)

Thanks to a (sound) file, it will select it, and then pass the tests to the players as it deems fit, at the request of the director , as well as the role described in the scenario. The ANPE spectacle can also be sought to have access to the profiles and actors that the casting director doesn’t know.

A casting what is it ?

The casting director shall convene, therefore, of the actors. Upstream, they have sent a piece of text so that it can learn and be more comfortable during the audition.

The casting director receives the comedian, he describes the scene, the intentions (he runs a bit), comfortable, and then raises her camera and filmed a bit of the trial. A cast it is !

Once he has filmed all of the actors selected, it sends to the director who will be able to look at the tests and get an idea.

ATTENTION : it may be that the director is in the casting ;o)

A Call-Back

Once the director has made his choice based on the tests that he has seen, he passes on the names of the actors at the casting director who will arrange a meeting.

A call-back that is ! It’s just the director who meets with the comedians selected on video. The casting director must remember to take this appointment. English call-back means to remember…QED ;o)

The casting director, a cartoon ?!

I attended, as a director of the short , but especially as’assistant director on the long or the telefilm, to some castings…there was none like himself. It is always a special moment for an actor…because the fact that a casting is going well or badly is mainly due to the casting director himself

It is not possible that I give you names, because it is not the purpose of this blog, but some “dir cast” are particularly…lit ;o) besides, I’ll get you a link to a sketch of Alex Lutz makes me, every time, die laughing, and that is much my point.



More seriously, a lot of casting directors (almost all in fact) do extremely well their job and are normal lol. The goal for them was to stick perfectly to the vision of the director/director, it is therefore necessary for this that the actors casted to be the most relaxed possible (I advise you to watch the video of Alex Lutz) you will understand why I use the word : relaxed. lol

And in the region ?

A lot of movies are filmed in area and casting directors parisians may not know all of the world. Often the Production manager made a call to a casting director regional. The casting director in the region knows all the actors in the corner and can very quickly get in touch with them and make a pre-selection more rapidly than a casting director in paris which doesn’t know about them.

In the region of the casting director will look for mainly supporting roles and will also be of figuration.

I hope that this first part of the article on : the casting director and the head of the queue, you over. By clicking on this link you can access the second part, I will explain what is a Leader, how to become a casting director and leader , as well as how much money does the casting director and the leader.

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