Does Enterobacter ferment lactose?

Does Enterobacter ferment lactose? Lactose usually is fermented rapidly by Escherichia, Klebsiella and some Enterobacter species and more slowly by Citrobacter and some Serratia species. What is the H antigen of Enterobacteriaceae? The H-antigen is a protein antigen based on flagellar structure (25). Enterobacterales is a bacterial order that is defined in part by the […]

How do you test transpiration in plants?

How do you test transpiration in plants? Transpiration cannot be measured directly as some of the water will be used in photosynthesis. The rate of transpiration can be calculated by measuring the distance travelled by an air bubble in a capillary tube over a given time. What are the experiment of transpiration? Take the well […]

What is XFS mount?

What is XFS mount? XFS is a high-performance file system which was designed by SGI for their IRIX platform. Since XFS was ported to the Linux kernel in 2001, XFS has remained a preferred choice for many enterprise systems especially with massive amount of data, due to its high performance, architectural scalability and robustness. How […]

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