Gérontophilie (name, female) [from the Greek genom, which means “old man” and philie, which means ” love “] : paraphilia (disorder of sexual behavior in which an individual is sexually attracted to partners is very aged. Obviously, the latest film from Bruce LaBruce (NO SKIN OFF MY ASS, HUSTLER WHITE), deals with a type of […]


Crowned by the Grand Prix at the festival 2018 from Gérardmer, GHOSTLAND, the new film from Pascal Laugier, disturbs as much as it fascinates. A work of art where the body is crack, where the dark we terrify, before the dread of a loss of innocence that explodes into a hymn to the imagination. It […]

Hadewijch : trailer 2 / Trailer 2 (VF/HD)

Here is the new trailer for remastered of Hadewijch , as well as the new poster… The pitch : Shocked by the faith ecstatic and blind of Hadewijch, a novice, the mother superior met at the door of the convent. Hadewijch once again becomes Céline, a young parisienne and daughter of a diplomat. His passion […]

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