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Then if it’s not loose, not the whole community : How to Make A Movie, I close shop !!!

I had been told that MORE NEVER I will never do it…And finally I relented ! Cinema is a passion that you devour and that you do never leaves.

I like the trays, the technicians, the actors, the smell of the projectors and the stress that comes over you when the engine of the camera is about to turn. I like also the writers what they are ! They write short-films, series or feature. Regardless of their experiences, often they are all animated by the same fervour.

This is why a few weeks ago the team of How to Make A Movie created a film company : CHEEKY PRODUCTIONS.

CHEE what ?

CHEEKY, in English it means : Cheeky. And then in the team we like names with lots of E, as SKILLEEZEE !! And then he had to find a name, we were not going to spend 12 months, so we settled for CHEEKY PRODUCTIONS.

And then it must be a little : Cheeky, to create a box prod !

A box of production…But for what ?

As I said at the beginning of this article : I love the film and those who do. It is not possible to keep up a blog like “How to Make A Movie” and not to push the concept until the end !

Let me explain : This is 5 years now that I have you advice, I re-ran Scenario+ which offers a personalized scenario, I set up a school : SKILLEEZEE who wishes to learn about the business of cinema, animation and comic strip…


In 5 years I’ve seen young directors who would have deserved a boost and well today with CHEEKY PRODUCTIONS the team of How A Film is going to have the opportunity to accompany them.

We will also be able to make the co-production with other boxes of productions in order to give even more visibility to a project.

The Editorial line what is it ?!!

Háaaaa this famous editorial line that breaks a lot of dreams of director ! It is obvious that we have no desire to produce films ” nerd “ style : “why life ? “” Why is water wet ? “Or,” The world is so unfair “…Not !

But beyond this aspect, we’re open to everything : Comedy, horror, thriller, fantasy, comedy, drama etc…

In short, all the genres that exist , or nearly so.

What format in cherry productions ?

The purpose of CHEEKY PRODUCTIONS it is the emergence of new talents as a writer and director…Knowing that one is not necessarily the other ! I want to say that if you don’t want to be “that” writer you will produce ! If you are “only” director , we will put you in touch with writers…She is not beautiful life ?!! And if you are both…So much the better ;o)

And the format ?

I come here. As we wish to make to emerge new talents and that we know very well that making a feature film, it’s really long and complicated, we will not, for the moment, that of the short film.

Project type :

Format : Short film, or very short

Duration : 15 minutes maximum

Genre : Free

How to know if your project can be of interest to us ? Easy !

1) It must be 15 minutes maximum, that is to say, with the generic including. You’re going to tell me that you don’t know how long is going to do the generic, and you’re right. This is why your scenario should not exceed 12 pages.

2) Be presented in the rules : That is to say with the police : Times new Roman or courier. In size 12 or 14. The sequences, the stage directions and the dialogues justified as it should be

3) Do not have too much of characters and places.

4) Have a note of intent, synopsis and a cv (even if nothing you’ve ever done or written to), a scenario in the form of a continuity conversed.

5) Have a number of deposit SACD (your scenario that should be protected)

6) Be in French (grammar and spelling).

The short film this is a way simple enough to be proven and serve as a business card. But it is above all a means of expression and the opportunity to let out all the magic of cinema in a few minutes.

To make cinema that is art, the short film is the item

If you remember, a few weeks ago I shared an article on the new aids of the CNC. Among the prerequisites to have access to the writing aids need to demonstrate at least two projects helped…And with CHEEKY PRODUCTIONS for some of us, you will soon be able to enter the necessary criteria, given that our goal is to produce films, your films, in the rules of the art going to seek grants and funding.

This production company will allow you to be immersed in the big bath.

1) A structure pro

2) A team

3) funding

4) A cover

All the project‘s that exceed the number of pages, will have a bad presentation and those who do will not complete (note, protection etc…) will not be read and will go directly in the trash.

Who can file a scenario ?

All those who want to make cinema and who speak French.

You can send your scenario to : [email protected]

Here is the article about : “Cheeky Productions “.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions below this article.

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