les métiers du cinéma

All the trades of the cinema

Starting today I’m going to show you the crafts of the cinema.

It should not be assumed that all of the intermittents du spectacles have wanted or want to become a director or screenwriter ! I can swear that it is not.

It is true that I…my first desire was to become a filmmaker but over the months and years of the assistantship I was ” doing the walk “. At the same time, what a pleasure to see work of confirmed directors (and some less ;o)).

I think it is the best decision I could have made ! I’ve never stopped writing…but my desire to create has diminished. For the moment I want to continue the assistantship staging, but I think that soon I’ll ” switch “.

Moreover, I believe that I will soon provide you with to challenge…We will see this a little later ;o)

I know that it will take me a little time to introduce you and explain all of the positions that exist or all the stakeholders of a film that it is short, long or as a telefilm.

But it may be that among you some are hesitating between this or that profession. One can say that in the cinema there are almost a hundred different trades.

Don’t worry I’m not going to all you to explain it because some of them are of the same family, even if from a position to another, the work to be done is not really the same.

For example, an assistant director that I know by heart, it is my job ;o) Brief for the assistant directors there are : 1st assistant, 2nd assistant, 3rd assistant and / or intern setting in scene/.

You will have understood that an assistant director is a “family” but that within this “family” 1 is not the same spots as the 2nd and so on…

I would like to start this long work on the trades of the cinema because I realize that sometimes when you ask me questions on how to make a movie or how to work in film or television you don’t know what you want to do.

More than once I asked you : “you want to do what?” the answers usually are : “well I have the actors, the context, may be making its… “

Or : “I don’t know really, lots of things interest me…so you want me to recommended to do what ? “

As you can imagine I live sometimes in moments of solitude (lol) but I also understand that some of you don’t know necessarily what they want to do.

You are going to discover in a few minutes that there are dozens and dozens of different trades. That one is clear ! Trades away from the camera are not necessarily the trades with the least interesting !

While it is true that I can’t choose for you, but each article will detail the position ( the job) with its points weak and strong points.

You will see that some of them are very specific and demandena lot of learning. However other jobs are accessible with a lot of courage, of networks, of patience and humility.

This is why I hope that with this article on the trades of the cinema you will be able to better target your desires ;o). This way I can surely help you.

To begin with, I’ll give you a list per group :

Scenario :

– Screenwriter

– dialogue writer


Production :

– Producer/ executive producer

– Producer/ producer executive

– Production assistant

– Accounting manager

– Director of production



– Director

– 1st assistant director Part 1 / 1st assistant director Part 2

– 2nd assistant director

– 3rd assistant director

– Script

– Channel finder

– Storyboardeur

Trainee – mise en scene



– Director/ casting director/ Leader

– Wizard casting

– Coach child



Location manager general

Location manager assistant

– Driver actors

– Assistant régie

– Reinforcement governed



– Decorator

– Aftermarket tray

– Props meublage

Trainee – decoration

– Rip

– Chief upholsterer

– Head painter

– Chief constructor



– Head costume designer

– Costume designer

– Dresser

– Reinforcement suit


– Head makeup artist

– Makeup artist

– Buff make-up artist



– In dressing table

– Dressing table

– Perruquière

– Reinforcement hairstyle



– Chief operator

– Cameraman

– Steadicamer

– 1st assistant part/ operator

– INTERVIEW Julien Richez, 1 er assistant operator

– 2nd assistant framework

– 3rd wizard framework

– data manager



– Sound engineer

– Boom operator

– Reinforcing its


– Chief machinist

– Machinist

– Reinforcement machino



– Chief electrician

– Electrician

– Groupman

– Reinforcement electro


– Ventouseur



– Trainer


– Chief stuntman

– Adjuster cascade



– Director of post-production/ director

– Assistant post-production/ assistant

– Chief editor/ chief editor

– Assistant film editor/ assistant editor

– Sound editor

– Mixer

– Sound effects

– Calibrator

– special effects artist



– Photographer tea



– Composer



– Catering

For this first jet of the trades of the cinema, you may have noticed that there are a multitude of occupations as diverse as they are varied. I forget can be, and in this case please do not hesitate to let me out ;o)

This article on the business of the film will obviously change over the weeks. A few times, you will be able to click on each of the trades and get a detailed sheet on it.

So check back regularly on this article on the business of the film to keep you informed. If you are enrolled in the newsletter of how to make a movie you will be informed almost in real-time ;o)

I’m going to, in addition to explain to you each of the posts, to give you (if possible) the curriculum to be able to achieve this. But also the wages ! háaaaa I feel that some are interested ;o)

But attention : I will come back surely in all the articles for each position. You will surely find the salaries, daily and weekly rates ! (and yes, in the cinema and the TV we paid for the week !). But are you saying that the status of intermittent is a precarious status ! It is difficult for some to work regularly.

You can, for a month, save a lot of money and for 6 months nothing at all ! Of course you can have a complement ASSEDIC if you have your status, but this is not the panacea.

Well, I hope that this introductory article on the business of the film will make you want to know more.

This article will soon become a kind of bible where you’ll have access, in one click, all the information that you want.

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