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Concours The Avengers

Hello, friends with a passion for cinema.

As you may know, the movie The Avengers came out recently this April 25, 2012. I don’t know about you, but I, as a geek assumed, it is totally unthinkable that I did not go watch this movie – which, by the way, has got quite good reviews. However, to inform you of the release of this movie is not the purpose of this article.

The goal is to tell you about a contest held by the blog “cinecomic” which, if you’re lucky, you will win one of three replicas of the super-hero team the Avengers, namely :

  • The shield of Captain America;
  • Arc Reactor of Iron Man;
  • The Hammer of Thor;

To enter the contest, simply register on this link and answer simple questions to win the prizes.

I have already participated in this contest and I hope to be the lucky winner of the replica of Iron man.

And you, what items lock it you ?


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